When to Pack, Pick Up or Ship

eBay Inc. Staff


With long-distance travel increasing by 23% during the Christmas/New Year’s season, and shoppers buying gifts for 10 different people on average,** consumers are looking to retailers for help on how to avoid oversize luggage fees.

eBay gives sellers the flexibility to ship items smartly or make them available for in-store pick-up ensuring that shoppers can find what they want it, when they want it.  Sellers have the opportunity to help buyers address the age old question: Do I Ship It, Pack It or Pick It Up? With about 2/3 of eBay transactions in the US delivered in three days and over 500,000 items in the US and UK available for in-store pickup***, buyers have options other than overstuffing their holiday carry-ons.

Some guidelines for shoppers:

  • What to pack: Valuables, small gifts, jewelry, small electronics, fashionable items
  • What to ship: Items too heavy to carry, sporting goods, art, home & garden gifts
  • What to pick up: Heavy/big items that are too expensive to ship, large electronics, outdoor/buildable toys, items that you can’t coordinate delivery for

For more, check out this “packing tree” for more helpful holiday tips to offer on what to pack, ship and pick up. 

**Data based on a 2014 global eBay survey of adults in Australia, Canada, France, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Russia, South Korea, Spain and USA who buy holiday presents; Source: TNS

***eBay internal data