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eBay predicts biggest mobile shopping day ever

Press Release

eCommerce leader eBay Australia is forecasting that Sunday 8 December will be the biggest mobile shopping day ever, with more mobile purchases predicted from Australian websites on this day than ever before. Approximately 2.3 million Australians will visit on this day alone of which a record 1.28 million will come via a mobile device – 30 per cent more than the Busiest Online Shopping day in 2012 (9 December).

“Low interest rates has seen consumer confidence rise to its highest levels this year which means Australians are feeling good about gifting in the lead up to Christmas,” Nicolette Maury, Buyer Experience Director, eBay Australia said. “In 2012, Australians who shopped online via a connected device were the minority but this Christmas more Australians will visit via a mobile device than their fellow desktop shoppers.”

“Australians are leaders when it comes to mobile adoption, and with consumer sentiment at its current levels it comes as no surprise that over a million Australians will shop on eBay via a mobile device on this day.”

eBay predicts that on Sunday 8 December, a piece of women’s clothing will sell every 8 seconds and a piece of fashion jewellery will sell every 20 seconds via a mobile device. A record 140,000 items are forecast to be traded via a mobile on this day – 40 per cent more than in 2012.

“It’s become really clear this year that Australia is a nation of multi-taskers, using connected devices to multi-screen from the couch or to search for Christmas gifts on the way in to work. And it’s not just stocking fillers or last minute gifts that shoppers are heading online for this Sunday. 1,800 fitness items and 1,600 pieces of furniture will be purchased via a mobile device which means that consumers don’t think twice about purchasing large ticket items online anymore.” Maury added.

Secure payments provider PayPal, who work with tens of thousands of Australian retailers, have confirmed that the mobile trend is not isolated to eBay. They expect to see 1 in 3 transactions during the peak Christmas buying period to occur via mobile, up from 1 in 5 last year.

“With more Australians shopping via a connected device, PayPal expects mobile shopping purchases to increase more than 60% this year compared to last year as Australians tap into the trend of buying on-the-go.” said Jeff Clementz, Managing Director, PayPal Australia.

On Sunday 8th December 2013 on

  • 390,000 items will be to be sold on on Sunday 8 December - (17 per cent more than the Busiest Online Shopping Day in 2012)
  • An average of more than 200 items sold on every minute
  • A piece of women’s clothing will be sold every 4 seconds
  • A DVD will be sold every 6 seconds
  • A piece of fashion jewellery will be sold every 8 seconds
  • A piece of men’s clothing will be sold every 12 seconds
  • A home decoration will be sold every 16 seconds
  • A piece of furniture will be sold 24 seconds
  • A radio controlled toy will be sold every 29 seconds
  • A watch will be sold every 35 seconds
  • A pair of women’s shoes will be sold every 36 seconds

For Christmas 2013 the vast majority of presents from will be brand new products in the buy it now format from well known and trusted retailers such as General Pants, Super Cheap Auto and Dick Smiths who are using the platform to connect with the 7.3 million unique visitors who visit the site every month.