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eBay predicts record breaking online and mobile shopping day

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Mobile shopping to overtake desktop activity for first time ever in Australia

Sydney, Australia – Friday 4th December 2015 –

Australia’s largest online shopping destination,, is forecasting that Monday 7th of December will set new records for online and mobile shopping across the country. More than 2.6 million people will visit alone, and for the first time ever 60% of these visitors will be shopping on their mobile phone as the smart phone cements its position as Australia’s preferred connected shopping channel of choice.

The number of goods purchased via mobile is predicted to be 20 per cent higher than the busiest day of 2014. Gifts will be purchased via mobile at a rate of 3 per second compared to 6 per second across the entire site, meaning more than half a million items will be purchased in a 24 hour period.

Historically Australia’s busiest shopping day has been predicted to fall on a Sunday, but in yet another first, a Monday will record the highest ever purchasing activity pushing the peak buying period to later in the day. The 15 minute period between 9pm and 9.15pm is expected to see the highest velocity of online purchasing ever on eBay in Australia with gifts purchased at a rate of 14 per second.  

Jooman Park, Managing Director eBay Australia and New Zealand, said the dramatic shift to mobile this Christmas shows just how ingrained online shopping has become in Australia and also reflects the modern consumers appetite for choice.

“Australia is leading the world when it comes to mobile commerce and we have become entirely proficient at browsing, comparing prices and making purchasing decisions with confidence on the go. Thanks to the big advancements made by retailers with regards to their mobile offerings in the Australian market over the past few years we are now able to fit shopping into our everyday routine – whether that’s during our morning commute,  waiting in line for a coffee or from the comfort of our couches.

“We are also seeing such strong growth in online and mobile shopping because consumers are reacting favourably to the greater choice and convenience being offered to them this Christmas.

“This will easily be the most convenient Christmas seen in Australia now that shoppers have the freedom to choose how their online shopping is received without the usual restrictions of delivery deadlines in many cases. Over two million of the listings on will be available for in-store pick up – either via our partnership with Woolworths supermarkets for products purchased from small businesses or in store for gifts bought from retailers like the Good Guys or Officeworks who have their own bricks and mortar network.”

eBay also predicts that given shopping records will be broken during a work day that there are likely to be a few indiscretions in the office as people sneak some shopping in without getting caught! Bosses of employees in Liverpool NSW, Mackay QLD, Campbelltown / Appin NSW, Cranbourne, VIC, Werribee VIC, Toowoomba QLD and Gladstone QLD are urged to go with the flow as they are set to be the top spending suburbs on the day.  




Notes to Editors:

On Monday 7th December 2015 predicts:

Site wide:

  • 2.6 million people will visit the site
  • 520,000 items will be sold
  • 6 gifts sold per second
  • 91% of items will be brand new
  • 93% of items will be in fixed price format
  • Busiest 15 minute period: 9pm – 9.15pm, 14 items will be sold per second
  • 79 million listings to choose from


Via mobile:

  • 269,000 items to be sold on mobile, 20% more than last year
  • 3 gifts will be sold via mobile per second
  • 91% of items will be brand new
  • 92% of items will be in fixed price format
  • 1.6 million visitors via mobile devices


Via mobile product specific stats;

  • 55,000 items from the technology category (that’s an item every 2 seconds)
  • 14,800 car parts will be sold (that’s one every 6 seconds)
  • 11,500 items of Women’s clothing will be sold (that’s a piece of women’s clothing every 7.5 seconds)
  • 13,000 pieces of Fashion Jewellery  (that’s one every 6.6 seconds)
  • 6,000 home decoration items  (that’s one every 14 seconds)
  • 2,000 Video games (that’s one every 43 seconds)
  • 2,000 fishing items (that’s one every 43 seconds)
  • 740 Mobile Phones (that’s one every two minutes)
  • 2,450 items from the fitness category (that’s one every 35 seconds)
  • 550 fitness technology items (that’s one every 157 seconds)
  • 5,000 pet related items (that’s one every 17 seconds)
  • 11,400 toys (that’s one every 7 seconds)
  • 229 robots (that’s one every 6 minutes)
  • 58 virtual reality items (that’s one every 26 minutes)
  • 143 round towels (that’s one every 10 minutes)


Click & Collect and Buy Online Pick-Up-In-Store stats:

  • 2 million listings will be available for in-store or  Woolworths pick up
  • 50% of items from retailers offering pick up in their own stores will be collected this way rather than posted


Most Active Post Codes:

  • Liverpool NSW, Mackay QLD
  • Campbelltown / Appin NSW
  • Cranbourne, VIC
  • Werribee VIC
  • Toowoomba QLD
  • Gladstone QLD


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