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Shopping is the New Sugar Fix

Press Release

Shopping on the loo? Shopping mid-conversation? Shopping on the footpath? Just a few years ago you’d never have believed people would be shopping, literally, everywhere they go. Short attention spans, omni-channel consumerism and an always-online presence have been revealed by eBay research as the characteristics of today’s savvy shopper driving unprecedented changes in the retail world.With 57% of Australians shopping online at least once a week, the nation’s most active shoppers are finding ways to feed their habit wherever they are. Fuelling this increase in multi-channel shopping is the growing use of portable devices with 56% of shoppers reporting an increase in online browsing since they started using a smartphone or tablet. This ease of accessibility has also changed online shopping habits - 59% of shoppers claim the ability to shop online in shorter, more convenient timeframes has boosted the amount of time they spend shopping online.

Operating in an industry that is in a constant state of flux, retailers need to stay on their toes, catering for the ever-changing shopper of today if they want to keep up. In response to this growing trend eBay, Australia’s largest online shopping destination with over 7.3 million active users, has launched ‘5 Minute Sales’.

“What we have aimed to do with ‘5 Minute Sales’ is to create an experience that suits consumer needs and habits when shopping online. We’ve handpicked products by trusted retailers that can be bought quickly – on any device or screen – in a thrill-seeking, one-off sale.” Steve Brennen, eBay Australia’s Senior Director of Marketing and Advertising Sales said.

“People are shopping in short bursts all over the place – in bed, at work, watching TV, even while socialising with friends and family. With attention spans shrinking and online accessibility increasing, the mobile shopping revolution is set to continue and we are, effectively, snacking on shopping.” Steve added.

As the nation’s most eager ‘Uber Snackers,’ 18-29 year olds will no doubt be taking advantage of the ‘5 Minute Sales’, with 76% reportedly shopping online once a week and almost a third claiming to shop online every day. With 63% of respondents in this demographic shopping in bed, 73% shopping in front of the TV and 38% shopping while at work, they are taking advantage of every spare second to shop.

This group knows no boundaries when it comes to online shopping:

  • One in three shop online on the bus or train on their smartphone or tablet
  • One in five shop online while out socialising with friends/family on their smartphone or tablet
  • One in four shop online on their smartphone or tablet while on the toilet
  • One in five shop online while walking down the street on their smartphone 

With shorter attention spans, today’s consumers are actively seeking ‘instant gratification,’ with research revealing one in three shoppers feel a sense of excitement, success and achievement when shopping online. No matter how big or small the purchase, shopping online is an emotional activity, driven by a range of diverse needs: 

  • 60% said they shopped online because they could see all of the options and compare prices
  • 44% said they shopped online because they could find special and unique items that they couldn’t find easily otherwise
  • 25% said they shopped online because it was a leisure activity for them
  • 37% said they shopped online because it was faster, easier and more convenient

Steve added, “Delving into the shopping habits of Australians has given us the opportunity to develop a sales initiative that reflects the short burst and impulsive behaviour of our customers. With ‘5 Minute Sales’, eBay is transforming traditional shopping and taking the sale to our customers in an online, mobile environment.”

‘5 Minute Sales’ launches on Sunday August 3. Between 8pm – 9pm eBay will release 1 product every 5 mins to create a fun time-based sale for eBay shoppers.