eBay Delivers Brands a New Way to Encourage Circularity of Products

Press Release

With new click-to-resell feature embedded in Certilogo’s connected product smart tags, eBay gives brands and consumers access to seamlessly participate in recommerce.

eBay today announces a pioneering new ‘resell on eBay’ feature that enables users to list their clothing on eBay in a couple of clicks of a button. Developed as part of eBay’s commitment to creating easier ways for brands and buyers to participate in the circular fashion economy, the new feature will be built into a Certilogo’s Secure by Design™ digital ID, accessible by scanning a connected product’s smart label. 

Italian outerwear and lifestyle brand Save The Duck will be the first brand to pilot the new feature, with their connected garments featuring the new resell button rolling out from May. eBay plans to expand the service to other brands using the Certilogo Digital ID in the near future, with the goal of making it a default function of its Secure by DesignTM technology. 

“eBay is focused on delivering solutions to brands while curating an elevated marketplace for buyers and sellers,” said Charis Marquez, Global GM of Fashion at eBay. “Reducing friction and removing barriers to brands and consumers engaging in recommerce is crucial to fostering a pre-loved fashion marketplace. Our new resell feature helps brands keep their product out of landfill, while giving consumers an incredibly easy way to give their item a second life.” 

The process is simple and streamlined: when a user scans the QR code on their product’s smart  label, a “resell on eBay” button is displayed in the digital brand experience. 

“This new ‘resell on eBay’ feature was a natural next step for Certilogo’s innovation and product evolution,” said Michele Casucci, CEO and founder of Certilogo. “With 540 million products already connected by our secure digital IDs, our mission is to empower brands by helping them create an experience that blends the physical with the digital world. Being able to securely resell your products with ease only makes the circular shopping experience more accessible for everyone.”

This new feature is among several advances eBay has made to improve the selling experience. Last year, the company launched a customized listing flow tailored for sneakers and saw a great response from sellers. eBay introduced its magical listing tool, which uses AI to extrapolate details about listings from images, allowing sellers to list items with ease, and buyers can access more information about potential purchases.

“Finding solutions that help our customers make more circular choices – and keep our product out of landfill – is of the utmost importance to us,” said Nicolas Bargi, Save The Duck CEO & Founder. “To be the first brand to use this new eBay and Certilogo technology reinforces our commitment to ensuring maximum transparency to our community.”

eBay acquired Certilogo in July of 2023 to boost pre-owned authentication through secure-by-design digital authentication technology – an AI-powered Digital ID printed on the actual product tag. The technology empowers brands and designers to manage the lifecycle of their garments, and gives consumers a seamless way to engage with their favorite brands, confirm authenticity, and activate circular services.

How It Works 

When a user scans the Digital ID on a product’s smart  label, a “resell your garment” button is displayed on the item’s digital profile. Once a user clicks on the button, they will be directed to check the authenticity of the item through Certilogo’s AI based authentication system by signing in with their eBay account. 

When the authentication process is complete, an eBay listing will be pre-filled with information from the brand about the item. The user is then redirected to the listing page on eBay, where they can fill in any missing fields or edit the information already pre-filled before officially listing the item for sale on eBay.


About eBay

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About Certilogo

Certilogo provides a Saas platform for fashion and luxury brands to digitally connect their products through a secure digital identity, which allows consumers to verify the authenticity of their product instantly and access branded content and services.

Certilogo’s service is used by 1 user every 3.8 seconds in over 180 countries and is available in 10 languages. Over 80 fashion and luxury brands have chosen Certilogo to connect their products with unique identifiers in RFID, NFC, QR, numerical and digital fingerprinting formats.  Certilogo’s Secure by Design™ approach derives from years of experience in the secure and controlled management of unique digital identities associated with products. Secure by Design™ means managing connected product projects and Digital Product Passports with particular attention to security, from day one, thanks to a deep understanding of counterfeiting practices and vulnerabilities of common implementations. In addition to the AI based authentication service, customers can access a product’s Digital Product Passport, as well as content and services offered by the brand through exclusive digital experiences powered by Certilogo. For more information:

About Save The Duck

Save The Duck, the 100% animal-free outerwear & lifestyle brand, as a B Corp (2019), is counted among companies that are leading a global movement working to promote social and environmental well-being.

The brand, which is also a “Società Benefit” since 2019, caters to the global market and to a growing target audience, that is highly sensitive to environmental and animal welfare issues.

The logo is a whistling duck, carefree, because has “been saved”. The Company has estimated that cruel plucking practices were avoided on over 40 million ducks in its twelve years of activity.

Save The Duck garments are not only featherless, but also 100% animal-free and, therefore, do not use leather, fur, or any animal-derived raw materials.

The Company is engaged in a carbon footprint mitigation plan, in line with the European climate-reducing targets.

Save The Duck also maintains a volume of donations equal to 1% of its annual income, to support Italian and international initiatives, associations, and charitable organizations that aim to protect animals, safeguard natural resources, and protect human rights.