eBay launches 'Certified Recycled Portal' revealing British motorists saved £99 million by switching to used parts

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Motorists opting for non-new parts and accessories could save up to 70% compared to Original Equipment Manufacturer parts RRP

Certified Recycled parts being extracted by the Charles Trent team

Motorists in the UK saved £99 million in 2022 by opting for used parts and accessories instead of brand-new replacements, according to new research by eBay. The online marketplace revealed the impact of second-hand parts as it relaunched its Certified Recycled programme at the Poole based premises of leading seller Charles Trent.

There are 81 Certified Recycled sellers and parts can be up to 70% cheaper compared to OEM parts RRP*, delivering peace of mind for shoppers. All parts are vetted and warrantied – body parts feature a 12-month warranty while mechanical parts come with three months of protection – and are only supplied from end-of-life vehicles from approved sellers.

Additionally, they also come with a reduced environmental footprint. Last year, eBay UK shoppers buying used car parts and accessories saved more than 16,000 tonnes of CO2e and prevented 3,000,000kg of waste from ending up in landfills, simply by choosing not to buy a box-fresh part.

This saving resulted from the millions of used parts sold across the eBay site last year, including almost one million exterior parts and accessories (including items such as mirrors, bumpers and door handles), over 400,000 lighting parts, and over 130,000 engine-related parts.

Certified Recycled parts provide motorists with added peace of mind. They are sold by businesses that have been checked and certified by the Vehicle Recyclers Association (VRA) and are subject to an annual audit of their processes and policies. This means that any part listed has been sourced from and can be traced to an end-of-life vehicle, and has been accurately identified, recorded, tested and graded.

Dr Tony Tong, Head of Automotive at eBay UK, said: “Certified Recycled parts can be a huge benefit to customers and businesses alike. With parts delays, rising costs and more focus than ever on making the right choices to reduce our carbon footprint, these parts have the potential to help save money, time and the environment.

“We’re making it as easy as possible for people to find these parts, and to understand the potential benefits they bring, in the hope that motorists will increasingly choose Certified Recycled parts as alternatives to buying brand new items.”

The first Certified Recycled part was listed on eBay in June 2020, and the marketplace now hosts 81 certified sellers across the UK. Sales of the parts continue to grow, with an increase of more than 10% between 2021 and 2022.

Jonny Smith, motoring journalist and frontman of The Late Brake Show, said: “I have owned dozens of cars, and always have a fleet of classic and modified project cars on the go. From regular maintenance items to obscure and ultra-rare parts and accessories, eBay has long been my first port of call.

“There are huge benefits to Certified Recycled parts over new components – especially lower quality pattern parts – and this has become especially relevant in current economic times, where your budget needs to go further, or when availability on new parts has been patchy.”

According to eBay research, 16.1% of motorists often buy recycled parts to save money, while 14% choose used items to reduce their carbon emissions^. While some car owners are happy to buy parts themselves, one-in-10^ stated they would prefer to buy recycled parts from a professional service centre, highlighting the important role that garages and workshops can play in changing buyer behaviour.

To showcase the potential benefits of switching to Certified Recycled parts fitment for everyone from individual motorists to fleet customers and bodyshops, eBay has produced a White Paper that takes an in-depth look at the industry. To read the report, click here.


* Provided by Audatex, as of 2021

^ Consumer research was undertaken on behalf of eBay by Censuswide, with fieldwork conducted between 9th and 11th January 2023. The survey sample was 1,535 UK respondents who own or drive a car (aged 16+)