eBay Opens The World's First Subconcious Shopping Experience

Press Release

Reinventing Retail : The Art of Shopping presented by eBay uses pioneering neuroscience to inspire more colourful shopping

  • Curated in partnership with Saatchi Art, the experimental space encourages Brits to combat uninspired purchases
  • EEG (electroencephalogram) headsets worn by guests during the experience will unlock micro-moments of inspiration
  • The art-fuelled space combines visual cues found in displayed artworks with items from the eBay marketplace, which produce a similar psychological response
  • Opens in Central London from 12.00-18.00pm on Tuesday 3rd & Wednesday 4th October at 4th Floor, 2 Fitzroy Place, Mortimer St, London W1W3AA


London, Tuesday 3 October: Do you ever feel like you shop on autopilot? Have you caught yourself buying the same things you always do, or what everyone else has? eBay is set to end uninspired purchases with the launch of its revolutionary new concept space in Central London, The Art of Shopping. The gallery-themed space is the world’s first subconscious shopping experience, where mind-tracking technology captures untapped moments of inspiration to create personalised shopping carts from eBay.


Last week, eBay released neuroscience based shopping research comparing the mindstates of

shop-y-cats (who follow the crowd, buying the same items as others) vs. inspired shoppers (intent on finding more personal, colourful and unique items). The study showed that 84% of inspired shoppers experienced a prolonged highat check-out, comparable to the high felt by a Formula 1 driver finishing a circuit. Comparatively, 82% of shop-y-cats became fatigued by the pressure to fit in.  


The study identified the ideal mind-state in which our brains are most open to inspiration. Like an athlete preparing to compete or admiring a work of art, this zone is achievable when we remain present, focus and calm, when browsing.


Finding inspiration in the unexpected:

For many of us, it might seem simpler to make the same purchases as others, but isn’t it much less satisfying?Aiming to combat beige shopping behaviour, eBay is launching The Art of Shopping. The experimental space uses artful shopping inspiration to challenge guests to step outside their comfort zone, into the ‘inspiration zone’ and let their subconscious do the shopping.


In partnership with UK-based brain technology company MyndPlay,EEG technology will instantly unlock micro-moments of inspiration experienced by guests during their journey. A specially  designed algorithm- developed by behavioural psychologists- connect space with a vibrant array of items from the eBay marketplace, which each produce a similar neurological response.. Upon completion, visitors will receive personalised shopping carts filled with product suggestions based on their unique experience.


The power of art:

Experts have long-proven that art has the potential to inspire us and even alter our brain chemistry. Through its research, eBay identified that the physiological state in which we view art is one of the most focused and open mindsets, a moment when you’re really you.


eBay has partnered with renowned international art powerhouse, Saatchi Art to provoke moments of creativity and inspiration. Ten breathtaking modern artworks have been hand-selected by Chief Curator and Vice President of Art Advisory, Rebecca Wilson, especially for The Art of Shopping.


Next-generation personalisation: 

Later this year, eBay will unveil a new homepage experience, built on artificial intelligence and machine learning, to provide shoppers with an unsurpassed level of personalisation. eBay Interests will deliver a tailored browsing experience; based on real shopping behaviour, serving up inventory and content tailored to shopper’s personal style, interests and activities or passions.


“Shopping has always been intensely personal. It’s an expression of what makes you, you. This year, we want to put inspiration back into shopping and encourage people to find what they love.


We want to be there for consumers when inspiration strikes and offer a more personalised shopping experience. Through The Art of Shopping we’re exploring this in a fun, engaging way but the integration of Interestsat the end of the year gives a glimpse into how we see the future of shopping on eBay” said Rob Hattrell, Vice President of eBay UK.


STORY CREDIT:The Art of Shopping presented by eBay is open for inspiration from 12.00-18.00pm on Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th October at 2 Fitzroy Place, Mortimer St, London W1W






For more information, please contact Exposure on behalf of eBay: / 0207 907 7130