eBay reveals boozy Brits £7.9m binge shopping habits

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New data reveals the weird and whacky items Brits put in their trolleys, when off their trolley.

With millions of Brits across the country giving up the booze this month for Dry January*, new research released by eBay today has revealed that those laying off the drink this January could be saving more than just a few headaches and sleepless nights.

The findings showed that when it comes to spending habits in December vs January, there was a 22 percent rise in items purchased between 12am and 3am during the month of December** – well you’ve got to keep occupied on that long night bus home after the Christmas party! As well as buying more, the amount that we spent overall also spiked between the drinking hours of 12am and 3am in December, with Christmas cocktails coaxing Brits into spending £7.9m more than during the same hours in January. So not only are you feeling healthy this Dry January, but your pockets are too.

As part of the research, eBay has also revealed the top 10 unusual items that bevved up Brits purchased between 12am and 3am in 2019. Looks like some shoppers might still be nursing a spending hangover….

  1. A motorhome – often after a few drinks, you can’t face the journey home from the bar, but be careful you don’t take things to the extreme and bring your home to you, by casually purchasing a motorhome for £29,750 at 2am.
  2. 1930s cocktail bar – sometimes, all you want is a sophisticated night cap cocktail before you head to bed after a wild night on the dancefloor, but it might be best sticking to ordering a 1930s Negroni, rather than a whole 1930s cocktail bar for £3,400 at 3am.
  3. Ambulance – everyone knows the feeling of fear that hits when they’ve had one too many tipples, but instead of calling an ambulance, one customer decided to buy one for £5,000 at 2am – now that’s a real emergency.
  4. Tiffany & Co engagement ring – we all love a wedding, but perhaps it’s best to wait until a more sobering hour to decide if it’s true love, rather than picking up an engagement ring for £4,500 for the woman you just met in the bar at 3am.
  5. Yurt – you know the feeling, everyone’s spending the night talking about the festivals they’re going to this year, but picking up a Yurt for £4,250 at 3am to avoid serious FOMO really isn’t the answer.
  6. Ice cream van – everyone has their favourite go-to drunk munchie food, but be careful you don’t mistake the ice cream man for an ice cream van, and £3.50 for £3,500 at 2am.
  7. Russian Faberge Silver Enamel Poodle Head Letter Opener – you’re a little tipsy, struggling to open that very important letter, so a silver poodle envelope opener for £4,000 at 1am sometimes might seem like the natural solution, but if you wait until the morning your letterwoes may just be resolved.
  8. Treadmill – ditching the drink and pursuing a life of fitness at 1am always seems like a good idea, but maybe a pair of trainers rather than a £3,000 treadmill is a more cost effective solution to your exercise aspirations.
  9. Soap making business – sometimes, you just want to pack up your job and start something new. But maybe 2am isn’t the best time to take on a brand new enterprise of soap making for £2,500
  10. 2x urns – bought for £2,650 at 3am…no comment.

So, as January comes to an end and Brits gear up to welcome their favourite boozy beverages back into their lives, eBay is encouraging the nation to ‘Always Shop Responsibly’, and avoid falling into the trap of sipping and clicking. Instead of ending up with an entire ice cream van when you were simply craving a Mr.Whippy, eBay always recommends waiting until a sensible hour to make large shopping decisions, to avoid any unwanted tolls at the till. Happy shopping!


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Notes to editors:

* YouGov (2020)

** January 2019 v December 2019