Hamilton Joins Posh and Barbie in Collectables League

eBay’s Top 10 Investment Gifts for Christmas 2007

Formula 1 rookie Lewis Hamilton has joined eBay favourites the Spice Girls and Barbie as top tips for Christmas collectables this year. With a bit of thought Christmas presents could make money for that someone special with eBay’s guide to finding truly unique gifts that could prove an investment. Formula 1 collectables, ‘Golden Compass’ film memorabilia, Alessi homeware and the Apple iPhone are all examples of gifts that, if chosen carefully, could put extra pounds in the pocket of that someone special in the future.

eBay have collaborated with modern antiques and investment expert Jamie Breese to establish the top future investment gifts for Christmas shoppers this year. With unique presents ranging in price from a few pounds to several thousand, investment gifts for the future are accessible to everyone.

It’s always tricky when it comes to crystal ball gazing, but there are some patterns which help to make more informed choices:

  • Limited edition items – do not guarantee future desirability, but can eventually become one of the key factors in items gaining value
  • Condition – usually vital to a future collectable’s value. Most of the list features items which can be found mint and boxed (MIB) on

Modern antiques and investment expert Jamie Breese comments:

‘A great collectable not only has the inbuilt potential for growth, but has the air of something special and personal. eBay is the top choice for choosing unique gifts that could keep on giving for years to come.’

eBay’s Investment Gifts 2007:

Current Price / Most Recent

  • Lewis Hamilton
    Signed autobiography
  • Spice Girls
    2007 T shirts
  • ‘Golden Compass’
  • Apple iPhone
    £250 - £300
  • Alessi Homeware
    ‘Dozi’ paperclip holder
  • First Edition Books
    ‘The Spiderwick Chronicles’
  • Banksy Prints
    ‘Trolleys’ print
  • Corgi Toys
    ‘Hogwarts Express’ set
  • Royal Doulton Figures
    Diana Princess of Wales
  • Barbie
    Gold Label Barbie

eBay really is the clear choice when it comes to effortless Christmas shopping. The ability to browse thousands of gifts at a click of a button means finding something personal and truly unique has never been simpler.

It is important to remember that nothing suggested here is guaranteed to increase in value but what is guaranteed is the delight that a well-chosen gift will bring to the recipient this Christmas.

With over 10 million listings at any one time and 13,000 categories to choose from finding that unique gift is easy with