Money Boxes? reveals Brits pack £286million worth of unwanted possessions when moving house

In the run up to National Home Move Month (13th June – 11th July), has revealed that when it comes to moving house, Brits cart around £286million worth of unwanted belongings  – that’s enough money to buy six penthouses on Park Lane, four private jets or three private islands. 

The online marketplace, which has this month launched a dedicated home hub, has also reported that sales of storage boxes have seen a 78% year on year increase , with one selling every minute on the site in the last three months and bubble wrap popping off the metaphorical shelves at the same rate. 

It’s therefore unsurprising that nearly half (47%)  of UK adults polled admitted to knowingly packing and keeping items they know they’ll never use in their new home, and with the average home containing £4,000 of unwanted items  - just a fifth of people (22%) are canny enough to sell items to fund the purchase of their new home.

Rhian Bartlett, senior director of home, garden and fashion, eBay says: “Moving house is expensive, and the perfect time to declutter and make some money. Whether it’s ditching the three-piece suite, getting rid of the cot bed or offloading old Lego, investing time and energy into selling off unwanted items in order to fund new purchases during a house move can be hugely rewarding. 

Added Rhian, “This is why we’ve launched our home move hub, containing handy tips and guides as well as products, to help with everything from moving