Single-wear summer is over: eBay encourages the nation to ditch last-minute fast fashion habits

Press Release

As the Love Island hype heats up, it means only one thing - summer is on its way - which is why today, headline sponsor eBay UK has announced its mission to end single-wear summer. With research showing Brits are expected to buy 50 million throwaway outfits this summer, and the season being synonymous with impulse buying, eBay is helping viewers ditch their bad shopping habits and pack their suitcases full of pre-loved this summer.

Every summer shoppers look to fill their suitcases with the hottest fits and whether it’s due to simply running out of time, or wanting to have plenty of outfit options, new research finds that more than a third (37%) of the nation purchases these pieces just a week before jetting off.*

These fast fashion habits have also made seasonal styles a throwaway affair. One in four (24%) consumers admit to binning the fashion from their trip that they don’t plan to take on another and 12% won’t wear a holiday outfit again, if they previously posted a picture in it on social media.

So this holiday season, eBay is on a mission to help the nation ditch those bad habits and divert the 6,000 tonnes of waste that annually goes into landfill.**

Serving up an in-real-life solution, the marketplace popped up this week in Paddington Station, with a pre-loved packs vending machine. Offering holiday goers heading to departures at Heathrow, those favouring a staycation and others simply enjoying the heatwave in London, the chance to grab their forgotten fits, second-hand. The packs contained pre-loved items ranging from House of CB tops, to Rat & Boa dresses, inspired by the fashion typically seen on the Islanders.

Delivering the goods for two in three shoppers (65%) who would consider buying pre-loved holiday outfits because they are cheaper (42%) and more sustainable (28%), eBay also hopes to inspire the rest of the public that second-hand doesn’t mean second-best. 

Kirsty Keoghan, Global GM of Fashion at eBay said: “Following the impact that we’ve had so far on shopping behaviors through our partnership with Love Island, we now want to shine a light on the holiday season as a time when there’s still more to be done. Summer is all too often coupled with last-minute purchases and throwaway items, to appear on-trend - so if we can inspire shoppers to purchase just one pre-loved item at a time like this, we’re heading in the right direction.”

To encourage shoppers to stop filling their bags with items they’ll wear only once, Amy Bannerman, eBay’s Pre-loved Style Director, is sharing her top tips for curating the ultimate holiday capsule wardrobe:

  • Day-to-night - grab yourself a dress which will take you from the pool side to cocktail hour -  it’s a true holiday staple that presents flexibility when it comes to making plans. Floaty style dresses can be worn as beach cover-ups throughout the day, and easily elevated in the evening by pairing with some heels and jewellery. Go for cheesecloth or naturally wrinkled fabrics so you don’t have to iron, also try out the visible bra trend by wearing something clashing peeping from underneath.

  • Sarongs aren’t just for the beach - buy a vintage batik printed sarong and style it in different ways, folded in half and tied at the hip as a mini skirt, tied at the hip and full length as a maxi skirt, folded in to a triangle and worn as a bandana style  top, tied around your neck and hanging free as a maxi dress for the evening. Wear with unexpected sports wear inspired pieces to modernise the look,  like a vintage t shirt or a classic ribbed vest.

  • Hello boys… - Nab a shirt from a man in your life, I love a striped classic Ralph Lauren shirt which can be worn as a beach cover-up,  made neater by tying in a knot at the front, or using a hairbnd to secure and folding the excess fabric underneath,  or worn as an oversized dress for the evening, just add some big crystal earrings and strappy barely there heels to make it feel more glam.

  • Don’t forget to share - borrow your best friend’s skirt that you’ve always loved, it might be old to her, but it’s new to you.

  • It’s all about the co-ord - co-ord’s are the key to creating multiple styles using just two pieces - they can be worn together, or separately for a completely different look .

  • Shop neutral - you are more likely to tire of printed pieces and neutral pieces will stand the test of time, denim is a neutral.  

  • Holey Moley -  Crochet is really having a moment but it is one of those things that never really goes out of style. Crochet is lightweight too and it packs down small so it will take up minimal space in your case. Hand wash these pieces to keep them looking fresh and steer clear of the tumble dryer! 

  • Preparation avoids panic - don’t leave it till the last minute. Try everything on and see where the gaps are. Then sell what you don’t need any more and invest in a few luxury pieces rather than a lot of cheap new pieces. 

  • Moodboard it - Pinterest or IG your favourite looks and get an idea of how you want to look this summer so you can shop in a more considered way

Amy Bannerman is also spilling the tea on which new trends are heading into the villa this season.. Each trend will include a mix of freshly sourced designer pre-loved picks, returning fashion favourites from recent series, Authenticity Guarantee sneakers and a selection of items from eBay’s Imperfects range. The four trends are ‘Bringing Sexy Back;, ‘Red Carpet Ready’, ‘No TV But Chill’ and ‘Wardrobe Wins’ and Amy has detailed below what each trend entails.


Amy Bannerman said: “This trend is all about those sexy fits. For the girls, expect to see barely there dresses, lace trousers and sheer slip dresses and for the boys, they’ll impress in luxe printed shirts, undone silhouettes and silky fabrics. This trend is one that continues to make a comeback, and has more recently been seen on everyone from Hailey Bieber to the iconic Harry Styles. I love how this trend really makes people feel great about themselves, and it can be done so simply and offers such versatility.


Amy Bannerman said: “Inspired by the stars of the red carpet, this trend combines super glam, modern tailoring and total elegance. From the likes of Versace, Rat and Boa and Jacquemus, the trend is all about those show-stopping looks. I’m excited to see the Islanders embracing this trend, whether it be for a bigger moment or simply an evening round the fire pit. I think so many people get their fashion inspiration from red carpet looks, and it’s really a chance to feel confident and empowered.”


Amy Bannerman said: “This trend is all about those more relaxed moments by the pool, daytime dates and coffee chats - while still looking glam! We see this trend a lot, from Bella Hadid heading for a coffee with friends, to Emily Ratavoski spotted strolling the streets in a linen co-ord.

For the girls, you’ll see a balance between sexy and cute, comfy rompers, bra tops with boyfriend jeans, and throwing a men’s shirt over an outfit. And for the boys, they’ll wear open shirts and vest tops, linen co-ords and broderie anglaise shirts. Ultimately this trend is the perfect mix of style and comfort and I love it.”


Amy Bannerman said: “We needed a trend that totally celebrates timeless fashion, and ‘wardrobe wins’ is the one. It’s all about putting your best buying once and buying well.  For the boys, we’re serving them up the brands they love, in the styles they love! From smart-casual fits, to knitted polos, denim, bombers and co-ords. For the girls, we’re getting them timeless and simple pieces - suits, slinky maxi dresses and co-ords. Any pieces from this  trend will see the girls and guys alike turn heads in outfits that will never go out of fashion.”



  • eBay has revealed that searches for ‘pre-loved fashion’ on the marketplace increased by more than 1400% in series 9, compared to series 8

  • eBay UK saw 1 preloved item being sold every second on eBay over the last year

  • eBay UK has seen a 24% uplift of circular businesses joining the platform so far in 2023

  • eBay UK has seen an almost 20% increase in pre-loved fashion listings YOY since the Love Island partnership launched

 *Research conducted by Opinium, surveying 2000 UK holidaymakers in May 2023 

 **Based on WRAP research data from January 2023