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Snow stopping him!

Jon Snow tops the Game of Thrones character ranking in the lead up to the seventh series

As the nation gear up for season seven of Game of Thrones, has taken a look at the most popular characters on site and revealed that the ‘King in the North’ is indeed, Jon Snow. With more than 30,000 current listings for ‘Jon Snow’ on site[1], the online marketplace has revealed that the estranged Stark tops the character ranking, selling 27 items per day in the last three months – that’s one every hour![2]


In second place is friendly giant Hodor, who is selling nine related items every day including everything from Hodor Door Stops to Hodor Action Figures, much to the disappointment of the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen, who is hardly Khaleesi of the charts selling eight related items in the same timeframe – with current listings including costumes, wigs and brooches.


As Game of Thrones fever hits screens across the nation, it also appears that Brits rate House Stark over its rivals – with 18 related items sold every day in the last three months, that’s one every hour! Next in line for the ‘Iron Throne’ is House Targaryen, with six related items sold in the same time period. Refusing to back down is House Lannister in third place, with two items sold in the last three months including pendants and cufflinks.


With more than 2,000,000 Game of Thrones listings live[3], and 22 related items sold per hour in the last three months, it’s clear that the fight for the throne continues ahead of the new series this year.


Game of Thrones character ranking

1.      Jon Snow

2.      Hodor

3.      Daenerys Targaryen

4.      Tyrion Lannister

5.      Arya Stark





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[1] Data taken from eBay 13.07.17

[2] All data unless otherwise stated has been taken from 10.04.17 – 08.07.17

[3] Data taken from eBay 13.07.17