The modern Christmas Day

New research from eBay looks at how Brits will spend their Christmas day this year.

New research from eBay looks at how Brits will spend their Christmas day this year. The average Brit will wake up at 8:01am on Christmas morning, sit down forirtasm lunch at 2pm  lunch at 2:30pm and receive 10 presents. 75% of excited Brits will open all their presents on Christmas morning before lunch, with the most common time to start unwrapping at 9:33am.  

Whilst the turkey’s in the oven, it seems savvy Brits are making good use of their time and instead of waiting for the traditional Boxing Day sales to start, they are even looking for bargains. Last year, "unwanted Christmas presents" was the sixth highest search term on eBay on Christmas Day, as shoppers went online for a deal or even to sell their own unwanted presents.

In terms of the things we most love abut Christmas, it seems that tradition has a place alongside technology, with men citing food and drink as their favorite part of the day whilst women said it was playing games and spending time as a family.

Top things most loved about Christmas:

1. The food and drink (34%)
2. Playing games and spending time with family (24%)
3. Exchanging presents (23%)
4. Watching TV specials (18%)
5. Afternoon walk (14%)

Statistics show that we like to spoil our female family members at Christmas with women receiving more presents than men. The average women will receive 13 presents, whilst the average man will only receive seven. Last minute shopping still comes into play though, with thousands of us using tech devices to go online to buy additional presents we forgot or look to make it up to disappointed family and friends. In fact, on Christmas Day last year men clocked up 97% more searches than women on eBay, including 1,500 searches for handbags and dresses on Christmas and Boxing Day.

With the cost of gifts soaring in the digital age, it seems we go for quality over quantity when it comes to presents. The average child now receives 10 presents compared to 20 gifts 50 years ago.

The evolution of how we like to spend Christmas Day sees traditional games like Monopoly and Charades being replaced by tablets and game consoles, according to new research from Almost half (47%) of UK adults said that although Monopoly was their number one game of choice as a child on Christmas day, this has now been replaced in their household by technology including televisions, games consoles and tablets; 89% of Brits plan to use at least one or more tech devices on Christmas day. 

It seems there is a preferred tech device for each family member on Christmas Day with 58% of 18-24 year olds choosing a smartphone. Mums (37%) favour tablets whilst Dads opt for a laptop (45%) and grandparents choose the trusty TV (90%). 

Top Technology used on Christmas day:

1. TV (85%)
2. Smartphone (45%)
3. Laptop (39%)
4. Tablet (29%)
5. Games console (26%)


The changing face of Christmas Day: the typical family scene 50 years apart

eBay spokesman, Steven Heywood, says; “It’s interesting to see how integral tech devices have become to Christmas day. With over 1.5 million listings for tablets smartphones, consoles and televisions, there is something to keep every member of the family entertained.”



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 *Research conducted by One Poll with 2,000 UK residents, November 2013

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