BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEO: Interview 1 from #eBayOL Dallas with Green Earth Wireless #eBayGreen

Richard Brewer-Hay

A week removed from eBay: On Location – Dallas and registration just opened this morning for the Chicago event in July.

For those of you who follow Ink regularly, you know that I focused on interviewing sponsors/vendors when I attended eBay: On Location – Atlanta. (Check out my video interviews with Endicia, ProStores and eBay AdCommerce HERE , HERE and HERE. So when I got to Dallas, I wanted to spend more time meeting with eBay sellers that had taken the time out of their weekend to attend the event. Here is the first in a series of video interviews with sellers from eBay: On Location – Dallas as I sat down for a few minutes with Sam Triguni, Founder of Green Earth Wireless.