Bradford Shellhammer Named General Manager of eBay’s New York Office

Francesca Hellebrandt, eBay News Team

Since joining eBay in 2016, Bradford has dedicated himself to helping people fall in love with their version of eBay.

This month, eBay named Bradford Shellhammer, Global Head of Buyer Engagement & Growth, as the General Manager of eBay’s New York office.

Founder of design-focused ecommerce sites and Bezar, Bradford became a star in the design world early on in his career by leveraging his keen business instincts and immaculate taste. In 2016, Bradford was brought onto the executive team at eBay to serve as Head of Curation & Merchandising, bringing with him an entrepreneurial spirit and wealth of experience in design and ecommerce. 

Channeling his start-up mentality and instinctive drive, Bradford dove immediately into his new role as eBay’s lead curator. During his first year at eBay, Bradford realized that eBay’s customers were, in fact, their own curators. This a-ha! moment is what ultimately led Bradford to find his true passion in product. 

A strong proponent of the idea that every eBay customer is deserving of a personalized shopping experience, Bradford’s team launched Interests to celebrate the individuality of every shopper and help them discover the things they love. By creating a human-centric structure out of eBay’s diverse marketplace, Bradford and team made strides in reimagining how the world shops online. 

“The last year and a half I have dedicated myself to helping people fall in love with their eBay,” Bradford said. 

In defining the direction, design and build of eBay's discovery and personalization experiences, he has done just that—and more. Bradford also launched eBay’s new Home Page, the Under $10 initiative to drive inspired shopping, and is now working on guest Watching and Saving, visually similar search and browse, new brand pages, and smarter, contextual coupons for new customers. These are just a few of the many activations coming out of Bradford’s team in the next few months, alone. 

As the newly appointed General Manager of the eBay New York office, Bradford is part of the leadership team modernizing the eBay we all know and love.  

“We are intentionally making it easier for our customers to shop, get inspired, check out and come back to eBay,” said Bradford.

What more of a fitting place to innovate than in a city where all industry is located. eBay New York is a hub for departments spanning technology, marketing, ads, sales, design, among others. Bradford is especially delighted to work in an office where eBay’s merchandise teams reside—the folks he calls “the masterminds of our algorithms.”

As eBay’s Global Head of Buyer Engagement & Growth, Bradford Shellhammer is a leading product visionary in the company. Prior to eBay, Bradford was named one of Fast Company’s ‘100 Most Creative People in Business’ and was coined the ‘Eames of E-Commerce’ by Wired. He was the founder of, Bezar, and Queerty, was Chief Design Officer at, and has won 3 Webbys. In his spare time, you can find Bradford singing in a rock band.