Compelling eBay Data in the Video Game Category over on VideoGame PriceCharts blog

Richard Brewer-Hay

The folks behind the VideoGame PriceCharts blog solicited questions from readers that they then sent to eBay for response.

Have you ever wondered how many video games sell on eBay during the course of a day? Or what the most expensive game ever sold was? Or maybe how many copies of Super Mario 3 have sold since eBay was founded? (The answers are: 19,012 games per day; Stadium Events for $41,000; and 12,091 Mario 3’s since founding)

They then took all of the answers provided by eBay and put together the visually striking and informative infographic below:

Infographic of Video Game Traffic on eBay

Great data indeed. I’d love to see this for other categories too in the near future.