Cyber Monday sees @ebaymobile jump 146% - New eBay interactive web app shows global mobile shopping trends #eBayMap

Richard Brewer-Hay

In step with pretty much every story I’ve been reading over the past few days, eBay shoppers also went mobile on Cyber Monday (why are we still calling it that by the way? I mean, isn’t every day “cyber day” now? Seems so retro… like an Atari game or something… But I digress.) Specifically, U.S. mobile commerce sales jumped 146% year over year, with California, Nevada, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Florida leading the way as the top mobile commerce shopping states. Mobile shopping peaked between 5 pm and 7 pm PST. Spokespeople for the company have said on more than one occasion that eBay mobile is expected to generate more than $1.5 billion in gross merchandise volume in 2010, compared to $600 million in 2009.

What I’m really fired up about playing with is a new interactive infographic app available at that captures eBay mobile shopping trends from Nov. 22 through Nov. 29 within the top 20 eBay product categories across eBay’s leading m-commerce markets.

Check out this demo video showing it in action:


U.S. Mobile Trends for U.S. Thanksgiving Holiday Week, Through Cyber Monday
• In the U.S., cars & trucks topped the list of products purchased by mobile phones, based on total mobile GMV.
• Cell phone & PDA accessories and women’s clothing led in terms of total number of transactions.

U.S. Regional Leaders in Holiday Week Mobile Shopping
• During Nov. 22 through Nov. 29, the most money was spent using mobile phones in California, Texas, New York, Florida, and Pennsylvania.
• California was the most active state in both sales volume and number of transactions.
• The clothing & accessories category accounted for the highest percentage of mobile sales in California, followed in order by cars & trucks, sporting goods, auto parts, and cell phones & PDA accessories.

Mobile commerce is showing strong growth worldwide. eBay mobile commerce purchases were up 230% year over year from Nov. 22 to Nov. 29 in eBay’s top six global m-commerce markets:
the United States, Canada, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Australia. Cars and trucks, and clothing and accessories, were the most popular categories.

International Mobile Trends for Nov. 22 through Nov. 29
• From Nov. 22 to Nov. 29, cars & trucks led in mobile GMV in all of eBay’s top markets except for France. Instead, French mobile shoppers focused their purchasing mostly on clothing & accessories and toys.
• In sporting goods, Australians made the most mobile purchases.
• The U.K. was by far the strongest in purchases of cars & trucks, which made up 20 percent of mobile sales, while Germany was the only country where auto parts appeared as the number one category.
• Canada was the only country in which collectibles ranked in the top five for the holiday week.