Debating the Future of High Street as E-commerce Continues to Grow

eBay Inc. Staff

The way we shop has rapidly evolved over the past two decades.  Thanks to online shopping, customers have access to a global marketplace at their fingertips.  Still, there are many instances where there is no replacement for walking into a store and seeing the products in-person.

But will that always be the case?

“I don’t think High Street is going anywhere any time soon,” noted Paul Todd, Senior Vice President of eBay Marketplaces, Europe. “But I think shopping has evolved, and will continue to evolve.”

Todd, along with a panel of leader retailers, got together to discuss the future of shopping in a recent event staged in London by Intelligence Squared in partnership with eBay Inc.

In the full-length video, the panel aims to define and demystify the perception of today’s retail store, and how it must embrace technology in order to survive.

“Too many of these debates are around the idea of the High Street as this nostalgic view of the single thoroughfare that families would go to on a Saturday afternoon to do all their shopping,” said internet technologist Ben Hammersley.  “And that genuinely doesn’t reflect the state of the world.”