eBay Entrepreneurs: The Orange Chef Company

eBay Inc. Staff

Entrepreneurs make up a large part of eBay's seller community. Santiago Merea is part of that community and his company, The Orange Chef Co. recently made the decision to sell on eBay.  Merea was drawn to eBay’s global reach as well as the unique set of buyers he is able to connect with.

“What eBay allows is for you to reach these pockets of people, of early adopters, and start building your customer base little by little, without having to put massive amounts of dollars into a warehouse and praying that it will move,” said Merea. 

The Orange Chef Co. is part of the Innovators Collective, a pilot program on eBay.com that features a collection of lifestyle and hi-tech products from companies ranging from emerging small businesses, like The Orange Chef Co., to larger, established tech brands. With eBay, Santiago is able to reach early adopters while also building a global customer base - two very important factors when starting a small business.

Take a look at the video to see how Merea has been able to scale his company with the help of eBay.