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eBay and Pro Football Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith Launch PROVA Group Authentication for Sports Memorabilia on the Marketplace

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To celebrate the launch, shoppers can access an amazing selection of authenticated, signed jerseys, trading cards and more, sourced from Emmitt Smith’s personal collection. Plus, fans can connect face-to-face with the Super Bowl champion on Notable Live, Emmitt’s virtual, mobile events platform, to discuss the new partnership and exclusive memorabilia.

eBay, one of the world’s most dynamic marketplaces, is partnering with PROVA Group and founder Emmitt Smith to officially offer its witnessed authentication services to the marketplace’s 174 million global shoppers. Starting today, sellers can use PROVA Group’s services to verify their items as legitimate, and buyers can rest assured they are getting exactly what they pay for. To further demonstrate the authenticity and legitimacy of PROVA Group’s SmarTag™ technology, the partners are hosting an exclusive auction event at, now through 7pm PT on August 5, featuring a breadth of verified sports cards and memorabilia from Smith’s own personal collection. 

A majority of proceeds will go to Smith’s charitable organization, Pat and Emmitt Smith Charities, and their efforts to support underserved children with a focus on leadership development, school readiness and college scholarships. 

“By partnering with PROVA Group, eBay is taking collector confidence to a whole new level by ensuring the value and historical information associated with each PROVA-tagged collectible is legit,” said Smith. “The marketplace’s values of trust, value and selection squarely align with PROVA Group’s, and it was only natural to bring our verification services to eBay’s customers. Together with eBay, we can connect millions of sports memorabilia enthusiasts with an amazing selection of one-of-a-kind collectibles verified by our service.”

“As a preferred shopping destination for collectors of sports memorabilia looking for a wide variety of rare and desirable inventory, it’s incredibly important to eBay that we can verify those items are legitimate,” said Steve Halupka, Vertical Manager, Sports Memorabilia at eBay. “This commitment is shared by Mr. Smith and the PROVA Group team, and together, with PROVA Group’s modern witnessed authentication process, we’re able to expand eBay’s authentication services and a shopper’s confidence when they turn to us for that special addition to their collection.”

How PROVA Group authentication works

When purchasing a signed jersey or game-used football for their collection, fans want to trust that the item is as expected. To meet that need, eBay welcomes PROVA Group as an official authentication partner to provide verification in these easy steps:

  1. Tag it - Each authenticated item receives a PROVA SmarTagTM placed by an authorized PROVA team member; the tag is then linked to a PROVA SmartCOATM, an item’s document of authenticity.

  2. Scan it - After tagging, PROVA Group scans the SmarTag to have associated authentication data stored securely in the cloud.

  3. Authenticate it - Authentication is as easy as a quick look-up via

  4. Sell it… Or don’t - Whether keeping or selling the item, collectors can track their memorabilia via the LEGIT by PROVA app and share an item’s authenticity anytime, anywhere.

Jabbar Card with SmarTagSMartCOA w DC Helmet

Explore sports fans’ dream shopping event

In celebration of the partnership, eBay and PROVA Group are curating an exclusive selection of authenticated memorabilia, gear and merch sourced directly from Emmitt Smith’s own collection. From trading cards and limited edition coins to game-issued helmets and more, shoppers can find that rare item they are looking for at PROVA-tagged merch curated directly from Smith includes:

  • 1993 NFC Championship touchdown ball

  • Game-used blue Cowboys jersey

  • Cardinals vs. Patriots game-used jersey 

  • Salvino Prestige Series figure

  • Autographed, Super Bowl XXX issue of “Sports Illustrated" from February 1996 when the Cowboys beat the Steelers 

In addition to finding a piece of football history, shoppers can rest assured they are supporting a good cause, as proceeds go to sustaining programs that are at the forefront of Smith’s charitable organization, Pat and Emmitt Smith Charities. 

Go LIVE! with Emmitt Smith during a one-of-a-kind NotableEvent

For mega fans, Emmitt Smith is hosting a virtual meet-and-greet on Sunday, August 2 via his mobile Events platform, Notable Live, where participants can ask questions about his new partnership with eBay and bid on even more LIVE! Auction items from his personal collection.

Fans can register for the LIVE! with Emmitt Smith & eBay Event at, and download the Notable Live app from the App Store or on Google Play to join the conversation on the day of the Event. For more information about the LIVE! Auction items that will be available via Notable Live and details about how it works, visit

Shoppers can head to now to shop authenticated items for auction, and follow @eBay on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to see the latest sports merch and memorabilia offerings. Fans can also follow Smith at @emmittsmith22 on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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