MLB Pitcher Pat Neshek Shares How He Amassed a Seven Figure Trading Card Collection in Premiere Episode of eBay’s “Uncommon” Series

eBay News Team

Video diaries celebrate eBay’s buyers and sellers’ unique stories and their “uncommon” finds on the marketplace With over 50,000 autographed cards in his collection, eBay’s inaugural episode highlights Neshek’s affinity for baseball trading cards and how time on the mound inspired his passion for collecting.

eBay, one of the world's most diverse and dynamic marketplaces, unveils a new digital content series today, titled “Uncommon.” All episodes capture the unique stories of eBay’s community and how finding the exact “uncommon find” on the marketplace fuels people’s passions. From a female baseball card collector and seller, to a New York City street artist, to a professional baseball pitcher with one of the most sought-after collections, the “Uncommon” film campaign is breaking new ground; connecting with consumers by celebrating real, vibrant people and sharing an up-close look at their passions and perspectives.

Debuting today on eBay’s YouTube channel, the new film features MLB pitcher Pat Neshek, who invites fans into his vault and shares the history behind his incredible card collection. Neshek gives an intimate look at where his passion for collecting originated, his more than 50,000 autographed cards - including rare sets and his top-rated 1970 Topps set and how he used eBay to help him source 95% of his current collection. This first installment of videos is coming off the heels of eBay’s latest data report, “Uncommon: A Trading Card Report for Buyers and Sellers,”and is dedicated to the personal stories behind unique trading card collections.

Meet Pat Neshek’s Signature Collection

In “Pat Neshek’s Signature Collection” video, viewers can watch as Pat describes the joy and adrenaline rush upon finding a coveted card, how his collection took a turn after his Tommy John surgery when he decided to focus on collecting the 1970 Topps set, and why for him, the most fun collecting is in the journey and discovering story behind each card. 

“From my little league days when I would pick up a pack of cards with my dad after a good game to minor league days of traveling to score autographs from my favorite players to today as I continue the hunt for the most rare and valuable cards printed, trading cards have been a constant in my life for as long as I can remember,” said Pat Neshek, Major League pitcher and trading card collector. “Over the years eBay has become a one stop shop for collectors like me and I really love how the marketplace has created a community for us to come together and connect over our shared passion.”

“We’re so excited to announce our newest partnership with Pat Neshek, a world class athlete and true expert in the trading card space,” said Nicole Colombo, General Manager of Trading Cards at eBay. “Pat’s enthusiasm and passion for trading cards is contagious and stories like his are the exact reason we launched the Uncommon series - to celebrate the trading card community and highlight unique cards and stories that connect with fans and collectors all around the world. We can’t wait to introduce eBay’s audience to more Uncommon stories in this video series, ranging from sports cards to non-sports cards and other unique collectibles.”

Neshek’s fans and trading card collectors alike can learn more about Pat’s personal collection by watching “Pat’s Signature Collection” now and shop trading cards inspired by his collection at Additionally, fans can explore eBay’s original Uncommon Report at and stay tuned for more videos in the “Uncommon” series on eBay’s YouTube channel.

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