eBay and Proxibid Deliver Live Auctions for Equipment, and More

eBay Inc. Staff

Today, eBay and Proxibid announced a partnership that unites a global leader in commerce with a market leader in trusted online live auctions for business and industrial inventory. The partnership will make heavy equipment, industrial machinery, farm equipment, cars and trucks accessible to the broadest possible audience and offers a seamless, convenient way to browse and buy quality inventory online.

Later this year, Proxibid’s auction company partners will be able to participate in live auctions on the eBay marketplace using the company’s world-class software solutions and bidding technology. Auctions and special events, which will be promoted by both Proxibid and eBay, will give buyers the ability to participate in traditional live auctions through real-time bidding.

“We’re excited to expand eBay’s existing live auctions offering into the business and industrial space,” said Gene Cook, general manager of emerging verticals for eBay Marketplaces. “Proxibid is an established brand in the industry, and brings a wealth of experience in live auctions. This partnership extends eBay’s general marketplace offering in the Business & Industrial category, while providing Proxibid exposure to a global audience of 155 million active eBay buyers.”

Both eBay and Proxibid have vast experience in heavy equipment, industrial machinery, farm equipment, car and truck auctions, providing sellers around the world with the best services to remain competitive, while offering buyers access to the best quality inventory available. This partnership offers sellers more options for disposition as they seek the maximum return on their assets.

“We are thrilled to embark on this new relationship with eBay,” said Ryan Downs, President and CEO of Proxibid. “Our sophisticated tool set and deep industry knowledge, combined with eBay’s global reach, offers sellers a unique and compelling way to liquidate assets. With more than 85,000 auctions under our belt, Proxibid is well-suited to partner with eBay as the company expands its live auction presence.”

The eBay marketplace will provide a virtual entrance to live auctions from anywhere in the world, eBay’s 155 million active buyers will have the same access to inventory as those bidding in person, onsite at the auction. Buyers can bid with confidence, knowing they have eBay’s Business Equipment Purchase Protection and Vehicle Purchase Protection, as well as inventory sourced from one of the most trusted online marketplaces for buying and selling highly valued items in Proxibid. 

Visit eBay and Proxibid at World of Concrete Booth C4037.