eBay Announces New Seller Release Updates

eBay Inc. Staff

Last fall, eBay refreshed the user experience by offering a more personalized layout that was cleaner, more consistent, and contemporary. The redesigned homepage, featuring the "Feed," instantly offered users a more visual eBay experience that surfaced products based on their specific browsing and purchase history.

This year, eBay aims to invigorate the selling experience with changes we expect will make eBay the best — and most competitively priced — place to sell in the U.S.  The site is a top global brand that offers simple, economical solutions for running a global business and unlike other merchants, eBay doesn’t compete with our sellers at the marketplace. Our mission is to help them grow and reach new customers, with the best  and most consistent rates possible. We know global commerce and how to drive it.

To support this goal, eBay said Tuesday that it was rolling out several seller release updates over the coming months. All changes, such as simplified pricing, enhanced seller protections, and  more specific picture requirements, are designed to improve the shopping experience and to provide a more intuitive buying and selling structure.

“What we wanted to do was give some transparency around profitability,”  eBay’s senior director of pricing Brian Hsu told Bloomberg in an interview. "Some sellers were not feeling like they could go all in on EBay without that kind of transparency. We want sellers to feel comfortable bringing all their inventory to eBay."

More specifically, the simplified fees will be introduced this spring and virtually eliminate upfront costs for all sellers. eBay also understands the impact on a sellers’ business when a buyer commits to purchase but doesn’t pay, so in May, the company will begin a series of updates that will significantly reduce unpaid items and help keep their items in front of interested buyers.

Our changes reflect the feedback of our sellers, as we strive to help the best sellers win on eBay.