eBay Celebrates 10 Years in India

eBay Inc. Staff

eBay celebrated 10 years in India with a series of thank-you events throughout March to acknowledge the support and trust of its buyers, sellers and employees.

INcindiaThe milestone celebrations kicked off with the ‘Unwrap Your Passion’ campaign, where visitors logging onto www.ebay.in had to unlock a 10-digit code. The clues to the code were hidden in different areas of the media, including newspapers, TV channels, radio, Facebook, Twitter and more. Once the code was cracked, the participant then had an opportunity to win more than 200 products on offer.

The Unwrap Your Passion theme continued with a three-minute video entitled ‘The Greatest Gift,’ which showcased a young man hell-bent on pursuing his life-long passion via a doting uncle who helped him achieve his dreams.

The video sent social media into overdrive! #UnwrapYourPassion trended across the country – there were 17,000 tweets, more than 36 million timeline deliveries and 55,000 engagements on Facebook within a 24-hour period. Page engagement shot up by 150 percent and the YouTube video has received nearly 500,000 views to date.

To continue the celebrations, a Shopping League was initiated. Any buyer spending more than INR 1000 could win points in the form of runs and get the chance to win an iPhone, one-way flights to Singapore, couple getaways and an opportunity to meet Bollywood actor, Arjun Kapoor.

Exclusive deals and discounts of up to 80 percent were offered on 200 products across eBay’s lifestyle and technology categories. Site visits on the deal platform increased by 52 percent month-on-month and media interest grew exponentially across print, TV and online.

The ten-year milestone was also celebrated with employees.  To express gratitude to the 50,000 sellers for their trust in eBay over the past decade, employees created a theme song thanking the eBay India community, entitled, "Here's to You".