eBay Commerce Network Launches Bid Groups

eBay News Team

The new Bid Groups will allow advertisers to set custom bids for their products by category.

As merchants and other advertisers compete for the attention of consumers in an increasingly noisy world, the ability to differentiate content and placement is critical.

One of the goals of eBay Commerce Network is to better connect advertisers with the consumers they want to reach, in more relevant and targeted ways.

To advance this mission, on Oct. 19, eBay Commerce Network launched Bid Groups, a bidding tool that that will allow advertisers to set custom bids for their products by category, brand and price range.

“Our advertisers want more campaign control, and more choices to reach the customers who matter to them, and Bid Groups offers new ways to surface the right content to the right shoppers,” said Kristy Troup, senior director of eBay Advertising.

The new customized, self-service feature will help advertisers elevate product visibility and better manage campaign efficiency by enabling them to set custom bids to promote top-selling brands and categories and increase product selection among lower-margin products.

Bid Groups has been in a beta with a set of retailers for eight months. During this time, many participants reported advances in better managing their ROI and providing the eBay Commerce Network with more selection.

“Bid Groups adds to eBay Commerce Network’s portfolio of powerful tools to help our advertisers drive more sales and increase their online brand presence in more personalized ways,” added Troup.

Bid Groups is a new bidding feature for eBay Product Ads, the only advertising solution that helps advertisers promote their products to eBay shoppers and more than 100 million consumers across a network with highly targeted product ads. eBay Product Ads leverage eBay’s first-party data and cross-device capabilities to enabled advertisers to reach shoppers who are actively searching for their products on any device – at moments of maximum influence.