eBay Daily Deals Take Over Times Square; 5 Minutes with Monty and Mario

Richard Brewer-Hay

Happy Monday everyone! Even though I’m out on holiday this week, I did manage to line up some pretty fun, interesting posts for you while I’m out.

eBay Let's Make a Daily Deal

The first involves a pretty cool eBay promotion currently taking place at Times Square. Stuart Elliott captured the essence of the event in his blog post on Friday. Essentially, eBay, with the assistance of Monty Hall and Mario Cantone, is taking over Times Square for 3 days this week hosting our own version of Let’s Make a Deal called “Let’s Make A Daily Deal.”

For those unable to play in-person in New York, you can play along at home by visiting ebay.com/dailydealgame. You can follow the live updates from the event on Twitter by following @ebaydailydeal.

Even though I’m unable to attend the event and away from a PC this week, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to sit down on the phone with both Monty Hall and Mario Cantone to do a celebrity version of our regular feature: “5 Minutes with…” So, without further ado, here we go…

5 Minutes with Monty Hall

Monty Hall

Full Name: Monty Hall

Nickname: With a name like Monty, you don’t need any other nicknames.

Education/Schooling: I grew up in Winnipeg, Canada and got a Bachelor of Science from University of Manitoba. I worked at the radio station through college so when I graduated I went straight into broadcasting and decided to stop pursuing my career in medicine.

Interests: My main interest is in charities. I have raised over $1 Billion in the last 60 years for charity. If it hadn’t been for my celebrity, I would never have been able to raise that kind of money. I became the international chairman for life of the Variety Club. I’ve been involved in charity work since I was a child because my mother was very involved in it.

Why did you want to participate in this event?: I’ve always felt eBay was a legitimate and reputable company and I like to do things with businesses like that.

Favorite Quote: Wow. That’s a tough one. I never quote Shakespeare or George Bush. I usually quote my mother a lot. She always said if you’re going to speak or present publicly, make them laugh and make them cry… nothing in between.

Most memorable eBay experience: Both of my daughters are huge eBay fans. One of my daughters came to me saying she had found a comic book published in the 1940’s called “Monty Hall of the US Marines”… it had nothing to do with me, it was a play on words ffrom the Marine’s Hymn “Halls of Montezuma”. She bought the book for me on eBay. (I think I may sue the US Marines for using my name/likeness… just kidding).

Do you read any blogs?: I read three papers every morning over breakfast – cover to cover. After I’ve spent 3 hours reading my papers every morning, I don’t have any time to read blogs.

Are you a sports fan?: Huge. I used to commentate sports. I broadcast the first international game out of New York (The Polo Grounds) between Scotland and Argentina. I also played soccer for my college.

Favorite Albums: I don’t have a favorite album but I have a favorite song – Where or When. I serenaded my wife to that song and anytime I enter a ballroom now, they play that song. I sang it to her then, I sing it to her now (when I sing it to my children they tell me to be quiet).

Favorite Movie: John Ford’s How Green Was My Valley

What are you most looking forward to about doing the show this week? I love getting back into this environment and having it in Times Square, live on the jumbo tron, with all that pedestrian traffic will make it even more exciting.

5 Minutes with… Mario Cantone

Mario Cantone

Full Name: Mario Cantone

Nickname: People just call me Mario… although a few friends used to call me “Tiny” when I was in school because of my height. Not since though. Just Mario.

Education/Schooling: I went to Emerson College, Performing Arts. It was a fantastic experience because I was part of the Emerson Comedy Workshop with some great personalities, including Denis Leary. Amazing times.

Interests: I love the dining experience. Everything about it. From the food, to the pairings. I just love culinary artistry.

Most memorable eBay experience: I bought a Norma Desmond cigarette holder a while back. I don’t smoke, I just wanted it. I love the Buy it Now feature for the instant gratification but there’s also something exciting about winning an auction at the last minute.

Most recent eBay purchase/sale: I saved $55 buy shopping on eBay for a complete 17-volume collection of H.R. Pufnstuf

Favorite Albums
: Sarah Vaughan’s Brazilian Romance

Favorite Movies: All About Eve and Raging Bull

Is this your first time ever hosting a live game show? What are you excited most about?: It is my first time. I love that it is in Times Square in New York. The energy is going to be great. I like the fact that it is live which will free it up – we won’t have to adhere to 23 minute time limits like on TV.

Fill in the blanks:

I should have __run longer_____ yesterday.

I wish that I could ____be more patient (but that’s impossible)_____.

The first thing I do when I get on stage is: it’s different every time.