eBay Partners with Snupps, A Social Organizing App, for Seamless Selling

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New feature announced just in time for Spring Cleaning, allowing engaged Snupps enthusiasts to list their stuff for sale on eBay.

According to a recent survey from eBay, three in five Americans said their New Year's resolution was to organize or refresh their living space in 2017.1 Today, just in time for Spring Cleaning, eBay has announced a partnership with Snupps, an easy-to-use free app that's "all about organizing your stuff."

Snupps helps consumers organize, share and connect with others around the things they own, love and value - whether it's a sneaker collection, unique collectibles, or personal inventory. Thanks to a new seamless integration with eBay's APIs, Snupps users now have the ability to seamlessly buy and sell on eBay within the Snupps app.

eBay's APIs allowed Snupps to build tightly-integrated 'list to eBay' and 'buy from eBay' features into the Snupps app. The eBay and Snupps partnership gives Snupps users who want to sell their belongings easy access to eBay's global community of 167 million active buyers.

It only takes a few simple steps to sell through Snupps and reach a massive global audience.


"As a marketplace and technology leader, eBay continues to innovate and re-invent the online selling experience," said Nicole Lyon, Head of Consumer Selling Experience at eBay. "The partnership with Snupps allows enthusiasts to combine their passions with the ability to earn money on eBay, all in one place."

eBay is committed to providing sellers with new, simple and more engaging ways to sell on the marketplace. The eBay-Snupps partnership is another example of these efforts, following programs like eBay ValetQuick Sale and an integration with Shyp to simplify the shipping experience on eBay.

As the Spring Cleaning season approaches, there are many benefits to using the new 'list on eBay' feature within the Snupps app:

  • Make some extra spending money to fund new spring and summer purchases
  • Free up space in your closet
  • Buy and sell directly from community members on Snupps who share your tastes
  • Reach eBay's global audience of 167 million buyers

"We're excited to partner with eBay and give our users a new way to profit from their collections," said Sari Anabtawi, co-founder of Snupps. "Since our beta launch, we've seen an overwhelmingly positive reaction to the new features. We have made it easy for our community to see what others are selling, discover new items for sale, and tap into eBay's large online shopping audience to get the most value for their items."

Whether selling sneakers, clothes, accessories, video games, collectibles or more, there's usually an eBay buyer in search of what you no longer need. In fact, data shows that a watch is purchased every four seconds, a pair of women's shoes is purchased every 8 seconds, a video game is purchased every 11 seconds and a women's handbag is purchased every 13 seconds on eBay mobile.

For additional selling information, visit the Seller Center or check out these product selling guides. To get started using the Snupps app and its new 'list to eBay' feature, visit www.snupps.com, or download the app for free from the Apple App Store® or Google Play™ store.

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About Snupps
Snupps helps people organize and connect around the stuff they own and love. Snupps taps into the emotional connection people have with the things in their lives, and provides a social platform where they can share, discover and transact. Simply take a photo, add details, and curate items on virtual shelves that can be kept private or shared with others. Snupps is a U.S. company, headquartered in London. The free app is available on iOS, Android, and Web.

The eBay Survey was conducted by Survey Monkey among 1,000 nationally representative U.S. adults ages 18-55, between January 5 and January 9, 2017.