Diversity & Inclusion

eBay Releases its 2017 Diversity and Inclusion Report

eBay News Team

Report provides a look at what eBay has done and the lessons it has learned with D&I across its workforce, workplace and marketplace.

Today eBay released its 2017 Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) report.  During the year the company saw momentum in the diversity of its employee demographics and in its D&I programs, initiatives and partnerships.  eBay’s report addresses these measures of impact as well as the company’s approach to D&I and lessons learned along the way.  D&I at eBay is about making sure that when people are part of the eBay community – whether they are global employees, people who are interested in working at eBay or the millions of buyers and sellers who trade on the eBay platform – they feel included and know that great opportunities are available to them.  We encourage you to read our report and visit our website for more on our D&I journey in 2017.