eBay Spain and a Venerable Spanish Art Organization Team Up

eBay News Team

A special art academy, home to alumni including Picasso and Dali, is helping to deliver a very unique eBay shop.

eBay Spain has a  special new addition to its Art and Collectibles vertical thanks to a partnership with the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando (RABASF), a museum, gallery and academy in the heart of Madrid.

The RBASF has teamed up with eBay Spain to build out this integrated eBay shop. The new eBay shop hosts extremely unique inventory, curated by a very notable seller.  You can find original plates and engravings from famous Spanish artists such as Francisco de Goya and Mariano Fortuny.

RABASF is a venerable Spanish institution, dating back to 1744 and home to alumni including Felip Pedrell, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí, Antonio López García, Juan Luna, Oscar de la Renta, and Fernando Botero.

"At eBay, our team is driven to select unique inventory and this is very, very special inventory for local and worldwide buyers," said Jose Angel Lopez, Head of Seller Growth for eBay Spain. The shop is a true reflection of how the old and the new can create great artistic experiences.