Expecting a Lump of Coal for the Holidays? You’re More Likely to Get Gold or Silver

eBay News Team

Five-year lows in bullion prices, and other trends, are driving holiday sales volume.

“Nothing gold can stay,” wrote Robert Frost in a very famous poem. That sentiment also happens to be a good description of the current environment for gold and silver sales. In fact, with gold and silver prices at five-year lows, sales volume is exploding on eBay, and gold and silver items promise to be among this holiday season’s top sellers.

Driven by five-year lows in bullion prices and the fact that prices are down nearly 40 percent from highs a few years ago, eBay’s bullion business has grown more than 60 percent year-over year. More than 25 percent of bullion purchases on eBay are coming from mobile devices.

“We’ve seen a considerable spike in the bullion market over the past year, including the past few months as metal prices have fluctuated and then dropped to this new low,” said Mark Flaa, eBay’s Category Manager for Bullion, Coins & Currency. “Through strong partnerships with trusted bullion sellers, we’re offering buyers a wide selection of physical precious metals. And we have a wide assortment of unique products that would be perfect for stuffing stockings this holiday season.”

Over the past few years, eBay has worked closely with trusted bullion sellers and brands, making it more than likely that holiday gift receivers around the world are set to unwrap shiny surprises.

In particular, bullion manufacturers and sovereign mints have branched out into various product lines that include agreements with popular brands. The brands include Disney, NASCAR, DC Comics and Lucas Films, so this holiday season you’ll likely see investment grade bullion products in silver and gold that leverage characters ranging from Snow White and Mickey Mouse to Superman or even your favorite Star Wars character . These days, bullion is very easy to give as a gift, and you can find an easy guide for doing so here.

Whether you’re looking to gift or are simply a bullion investor, several of eBay’s top bullion sellers (APMEX, Bay Precious Metals, MCM, Royal Canadian Mint) will be offering great deals throughout the holiday season. You can find lots of good deals on bullion here.

So what are some of the top-selling items in this category? eBay data shows these to be in demand:


Gold American Eagles Coins (1oz, 1/10oz) made by the US Mint

Gold Maple Leaf Coins (1oz, 1/10oz) from the Royal Canadian Mint

1oz Gold Buffalo Coins made by the US Mint

1oz Gold Bars (Perth Mint, Valcambi, Pamp Suisse, Credit Suisse)


Silver American Eagle Coins (1oz, also often purchased in tubes of 20)

Silver Australian Kangaroos (1oz, new production facility this year in Perth Australia)

10oz Silver Bars (Royal Canadian Mint, APMEX, Silvertowne, Scottsdale)

“We’ve never seen a holiday season more poised to glitter with silver and gold than this one,” said Flaa.

eBay has remained a popular platform for precious metal sales, and attracts both individual buyers and sellers and business owners.  In today’s uncertain economy, people are looking to gold and silver as more reliable ways to invest, and eBay’s Buyer Protection ensures trusted transactions.


Similar to any investment, investing in commodities (including bullion and bullion coins) carries certain risks. Buyers should research their options, become educated about such investments and invest wisely. The information provided here is factual only and should not be construed as a recommendation or endorsement by eBay.