Forbes Talks Women in Tech with PayPal’s Angie Ruan

eBay Inc. Staff

In a story published by Forbes titled “Supporting the Growth of Women in Tech: Five Critical Steps,” Angie Ruan, Head of PayPal’s Retail Engineering team, discusses her success as a female technologist and provides guidance for other women interested in growing their careers.

Prior to her current role, Ruan served as Director of Engineering for eBay, and played a key role in steering the company’s mobile strategy. In her talk with Forbes, Ruan emphasizes the importance of  “working hard and smartly,” and discusses how to get out of ruts.

“Surrounding myself with amazing women has had a huge impact on my career,” she said. “It’s very compelling when leaders (both male and female) internalize in an authentic way their commitment to personally support women in tech initiatives. I have seen this work numerous ways, for instance, with male leaders who connect to their strong belief in the talent and abilities of their spouse and daughters, and carry that forward. They end up being very authentic in their desire help more women succeed.”

You can find the full interview with Ruan here.