Halloween 2019: eBay Reveals the Top Costumes for Adults, Kids and Pets

eBay News Team

From Pikachu to Star Wars and Toy Story, check out eBay’s 5th annual lineup of trending costumes according to the marketplace’s shopping data.

Lions, zombies and mermaids - oh my! Shoppers across the country are preparing for fall festivities and on the hunt for the perfect Halloween costume for the whole family. In fact, a total of 172 million people plan to celebrate Halloween this year, according to the National Retail Federation. eBay’s fifth annual list reveals the most popular costumes rising to the top based on recent searches and sales on the marketplace.

Trick-or-treaters and party goers alike will be decked out in costumes inspired by some of the hottest blockbuster hits of 2019. eBay data reports that movies like Spider-Man, Toy Story, It Chapter Two, Joker and Star Wars have influenced this year’s costume leaderboard. 

  • Spider-Man swings into ‘most popular’ spot: Spider-Man continues to top the charts for the second year in a row as the number one choice among adults and kids. In fact, there were ten times more searches for Spidey than any other superhero favorites like Deadpool and Aquaman.*  
  • Toy Story costumes for the young at heart: With the return of fan-favorite characters in Toy Story 4 - five full years after they’d last charmed theater-goers everywhere - Woody, Buzz, Jessie and Little Bo-Peep all scored top spots for the most popular costume this Halloween. 
  • Fear the red balloon: Be on the look-out for tiny, scary clowns on the streets! With the release of IT Chapter Two, searches for Pennywise kid costumes have increased 125% in the last two months.* 
  • Get in on the Joke: Ahead of this year’s eponymous film, Joker is this season’s breakout costume, making its way on eBay’s annual list for the first time. 
  • Take your family to a galaxy far, far away: One of the most beloved franchises that transcends generations - Star Wars - made its way onto eBay’s top costumes list for the fifth year in a row. This year, it jumped into the top 10 spot for the first time for adults and kids, likely given the hype surrounding the final installment in theaters this December.

For the furry friend in you life, dinosaurs continue to be the most-shopped costume of choice for the third year running. This year, searches have doubled since July!* Making their debut on eBay’s list are mermaids and Pikachu - the latter of which has grown in popularity since the release of Pokemon: Detective Pikachu earlier this year. 

Check out the full list of the most in-demand costumes for adults, children and pets below, and trick out your Halloween with more costumes, spooky decor and more at

Top 20 Adult Halloween Costumes on eBay*

  1. Spider-Man
  2. Batman
  3. Jasmine
  4. Mermaid
  5. Star Wars
  6. Dinosaurs
  7. Captain America
  8. Lion
  9. Woody
  10. Frozen
  11. Bo-Peep
  12. Rex
  13. Buzz Lightyear
  14. Thor
  15. Jessie
  16. Hulk
  17. Deadpool
  18. Aladdin
  19. The Joker
  20. Zombie

Top 20 Children’s Halloween Costumes on eBay*

  1. Spider-Man
  2. Dinosaurs
  3. Batman
  4. Jasmine
  5. Pennywise
  6. Fortnite
  7. Mermaid
  8. Deadpool
  9. Lion
  10. Star Wars
  11. Zombie
  12. Hulk
  13. The Joker
  14. Aladdin
  15. Thor
  16. Captain America
  17. Ghostbusters
  18. Pikachu
  19. Cowboy
  20. Woody

Top 10 Pet Costumes on eBay*

  1. Lion
  2. Pikachu
  3. Dinosaur
  4. Star Wars
  5. Cowboy
  6. Princess Elsa Frozen
  7. Batman
  8. Spider-Man
  9. Mermaid
  10. Ghostbusters 

*All data based on searches on from 7/19 - 9/19