How to Sell on eBay to Fund What’s Left on Your Holiday Wish List

eBay News Team

eBay makes it easier than ever to sell your not-quite-right gifts and get what you really want this season.

Every holiday season, Americans receive gifts that aren’t quite right. A recent eBay survey cites that this year, nearly half of Americans received a holiday gift that they didn’t really want or will not use – naming friends (30%), co-workers (20%) and in-laws (19%) as the top three gift-givers who didn’t quite hit the mark this season.*

Instead of letting the designer sweater that didn’t fit or the duplicate kitchen appliance collect dust on a shelf, you can turn those items into something you really want by easily selling them on eBay. There are a couple simple selling options to choose from:

  • Sell it yourself. List an item on eBay yourself using a tablet, computer or any mobile device. Simply snap and upload a few pictures and choose the selling format that’s right for you. eBay will suggest a selling price to help you get the most for your item. Once your item has sold, you can print a shipping label on eBay and drop it in the mail.
  • Use eBay Valet. Let professionals handle everything from estimating the price of products to capturing images, and the quick and safe shipment of items to buyers. These experts will showcase items in the best light and in front of the largest shopping audience. Send your items for free to eBay Valet or drop them off at a participating FedEx Office location.

“We aim to make it as convenient as possible for consumers to sell gifts that weren’t quite right,” said Vincent Payen, eBay’s Head of Consumer Selling. “Whether you want the fun of selling yourself online or the simplicity of using the eBay Valet service, eBay offers the best options to get the most money possible for what you no longer need. Thanks to our community of 165 million buyers, there’s always someone who wants what you’re selling. eBay data shows that a watch is purchased every three seconds, a smartphone is purchased every four seconds, a video game is purchased every nine seconds, and a women’s handbag is purchased every ten seconds on eBay.”

Once your items have sold, you can use the money you made to:

  • Declutter your home. 53 percent of Americans cited that they want to do this in the New Year,* and you can find the perfect organizers on eBay.
  • Buy what’s left on your wish list. Another 63 percent said they prefer to purchase a gift of their choosing.*
  • Donate to charity. One-third would like to make a donation or purchase that benefits a charitable organization.* eBay makes it easy to give back with the option to donate part – or all – of your sale to a cause you support using the eBay for Charity platform.

Head to to get started. Once you’ve made some extra money, check out eBay’s end-of-season sale to find what’s left on your holiday wish list. The end-of-season sale offers deep discounts up to 70% off on Women’s, Men’s and Kid’s apparel, Health & Beauty items, Travel and more.

For additional selling information, visit the Seller Center or check out these product selling guides.

*The eBay Survey was conducted by Survey Monkey among 1,000 nationally representative U.S. adults ages 18-55, between December 25th and December 26th, 2016.