Interns Show Their Stuff at Hackathon

eBay Inc. Staff

The events are fun, high-profile showcases for the interns' abilities and accomplishments.

The summer is winding down, and so are summer internships. Before taking off, eBay Inc.’s crack team of interns recently got to show off their stuff.

At PayPal headquarters, the Aug 16 Hackathon featured seven teams of interns competing for iPads and other prizes. In just a few hours, fueled by pizza and energy drinks, the teams put together prototypes showcasing imaginative concepts.

What is a Hackathon? “It’s just brainstorming ideas and building,” said UI Engineering Intern Jenny Salatovka.. “The hack part makes it sound intimidating, but there is so much room for people who aren’t engineers.”

At eBay’s San Jose Whitman campus on Aug. 22, InternPalooza gave eBay Marketplaces interns (including a group from StubHub) the chance to showcase their work of the last 12 weeks to top executives and about 500 other employees.

Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President Mark Carges, Marketplaces President Devin Wenig and Marketplaces SVP Christopher Payne – addressed the interns as a group and chatted with them individually about their work.

“This event is a great showcase of the work our interns have been doing and the contributions they’re making to our business,” Devin said. The event provides “an opportunity to talk with our interns about their experiences, hear about what they’ve learned and what excites them most about our company’s future.”

“Our inaugural InternPalooza event was a great success!” added Joy Osborne, Manager, University Programs, who organized the event. “I was very proud to see our interns’ work come to life, and grateful for the leadership support that made this event happen. These interns will be a key component of our future success.”