eBay’s Social Innovation Partnership with the PGA

eBay Inc. Staff

The new online storefront provides expertly sourced golf equipment, and encourages trade-ins and resales.

This week, eBay launched a significant partnership with the PGA Trade-In Network, driving positive business results paired with social and environmental impact. The partnership creates a new type of shopping experience that connects buyers directly to the experts in the game and business of golf: PGA Professionals.  Through an online storefront called The Pro Shops by PGA Trade-In Network + eBay, customers will have access to a full inventory of equipment – both new and used – that has been sourced and inspected by PGA Professionals. Available via PGA.com and eBay, it offers golfers of all levels authentic products at great values.

This new partnership is a prime example of how an innovative, customer-focused idea can dovetail with social innovation efforts in such a way that everyone – from enthusiasts and PGA professionals, to the industry and the planet – wins. The program itself is explored in a blog post from eBay’s Green Team, but here are a few things that make this partnership so unique.

The Pledge to 'Play It On'
PGA Professionals, who are members of the PGA Trade-In Network, can participate in the storefront by taking the “Play It On” pledge. A small but critical action, it’s this pledge that makes the experience so unique. By promising to “Play It On,” PGA Professionals guarantee they’ll do three things: 1) encourage the trade-in and resale of golf equipment; 2) use their expertise to ensure authenticity and integrity; and 3) share their knowledge and passion for the game.

In turn, golfers of all levels can shop more confidently and responsibly knowing they’re not only buying direct from the most trusted sources in the sport, but from individuals who are dedicated to growing and sharing the legacy of the game. And since the listings will include traded-in equipment that the PGA Professionals have accepted at their physical stores, buyers can also consider buying used to lighten the impact on their wallets and on the planet.

How It Came to Be
“Regardless of your playing level, the value proposition for golf enthusiasts on eBay has been raised through the expected increase of available equipment for purchase from the experts in the game,” said Andy Feierfeil, eBay’s Senior Product Marketing Manager, Sporting Goods.

“The President of the PGA Trade-In Network saw what we had done with Patagonia, and together with eBay’s Social Innovation team we came up with the idea for a branded storefront on eBay that would serve the golf community, as well as eBay’s social and environmental goals,” Feierfeil said.

Whether purchasing a club to complete your set or just some balls for a day on the course, the new site is designed to be a one-stop destination for authentic, affordable golf equipment — both used and new —that has been sourced and inspected by PGA Professionals. Check it out today!