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Meet eBay’s Changemakers

eBay News Team

Our Changemakers drive volunteering and giving, becoming the change and inspiring it in others.

At eBay, our purpose is to connect people and build communities to create economic opportunity for all. That aim goes beyond who we are as a business — and defines who we are as people. 

Our global Changemaker teams embody our values. These eBayers volunteer their time to organize and participate in giving projects within their community. Putting trust and empathy into action, Changemakers are making a real difference where they live and work.

The eBay Foundation supports all Changemaker teams with strategic oversight, materials, and training. From driving local giving and volunteering opportunities, to working with employees to match their donations and volunteer hours to the causes they are passionate about, the eBay Foundation is core to our culture. 

For an inside view of the program, let’s meet three Changemakers:

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Ko Im, Luminary winner and Changemakers co-chair in Seattle, Washington

The beauty of Changemakers is the positive impact on our local community. People feel better and more engaged when they are involved in their community, and Changemakers is a way to make the place you live stronger, cleaner, and more accepting of others.

We’re a new chapter — we only started the Seattle Changemakers in April. We’ve done everything from helping local horticulture programs to organizing an art workshop to brighten up homes of the elderly. We did a school supply drive. We packed holiday presents for foster children.

For eBayers who are thinking of starting a Changemakers team, I recommend you just go for it. Follow your heart. At eBay, you can be entrepreneurial. No one will stop you from doing good.

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Caroline Jacobus, Luminary nominee and co-chair of Changemakers in Dublin, Ireland

Changemakers has a long history in Ireland. The country is very giving, very charitable. For me personally, giving back to the community is a reason why I love working for eBay.

We partnered with a wonderful organization called Social Entrepreneurs Ireland (also a Global Give partner), which supports entrepreneurs with ideas to solve a social problem in Ireland. They’ve helped over 500 social entrepreneurs and made a massive impact with their programs. They’re a great partner for eBay, giving us a lot of volunteer opportunities.

I urge eBayers to give Changemakers a try. Pick a charity or volunteer opportunity that resonates with you. And then invite others to join you. Volunteer opportunities are also great networking events. We tend to just talk to people on our teams. If you chat with others, you’ll find like-minded people who want to volunteer, too.

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Matthew DeGraw, Luminary nominee and Changemaker in Salt Lake City, Utah

At the Salt Lake City office, Changemakers do a lot of work with a Global Give grantee, the International Rescue Committee. We’ve helped grow food, put together hygiene kits, and assembled furniture for refugees. I can’t fix the world alone or solve everybody’s problems, but I can be part of the solution. Through Changemakers, I feel very fortunate that I’m able to help.

For colleagues who may want to join or start a Changemaker chapter where they live and work, I think the hardest part is just taking the first step. You don’t have to make a commitment that you’re going to volunteer every weekend. Start with an event or an activity for a local charity that’s important to you.