Interschola and eBay Help School Districts Sell Surplus Assets

eBay Inc. Staff

Since its inception, eBay has provided an extremely efficient platform through which buyers and sellers can connect. For California-based company Interschola, the eBay platform plays a critical part in getting surplus items from cash-strapped school districts sold to buyers who can use them.

Interschola began in a living room, and now, through its eBay store, helps more than 500 California school districts sell surplus items such as textbooks and furniture to buyers around the world.

Recently, the company found buyers in Africa and Central America, and eBay helps Interschola reach a truly global secondary market for educational assets.

In a video, you can hear from Interschola founder Melissa Rich (seen here) and partners as they discuss how Interschola and eBay work together to help many school districts generate thousands of dollars of extra annual funds.