Chinese Sellers Find Opportunities Amidst Mobile Shopping Growth

eBay Inc. Staff

Developments in mobile commerce are creating virtually unlimited opportunities for China’s retail export industry, according to an eBay report launched last month at the 2014 Greater China Sellers Summit.

The report, entitled Greater China Mobile Commerce Report in Cross Border Trade, reveals that consumers in the U.S., U.K., Australia and Germany are driving purchases from Chinese sellers on their mobile devices and it points out that the categories of Fashion, Electronics and Home & Garden categories are experiencing astonishing growth.

The eBay report also urges Chinese sellers to take hold of this potential and make improvements to the customer experience by:

Adopting flexible front-end technology that delivers consistent product information to consumers on all channels and devices to ensure a seamless shopping experience.

Optimizing product pages for mobile devices to meet the growth of mobile commerce.

Analyzing consumer behavior on mobile devices so that sellers provide services and products tailored to users.

“Opportunities for cross-border retail are increasing, as mobile technology revolutionizes the way we shop,” said John Lin, eBay Inc. Vice President and CEO of eBay Greater China. “Given the importance of the region to eBay’s overall CBT strategy, we’ll keep developing innovative mobile shopping apps for consumers and offering key insights to sellers based on our data analysis.”