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eBay reaches 100 million app downloads and 100 million listings via mobile, expecting $10 billion in mobile volume transacted for 2012.

San Jose, Calif. September 24, 2012 —eBay, a global leader in mobile commerce, is celebrating its 100 millionth app download across its suite of apps spanning the major mobile operating systems. Available in eight languages, and in more than 190 different countries around the world, the eBay apps have been downloaded 25 million times in the last six months alone, making them some of the most popular and successful shopping apps anywhere. The growth of eBay’s mobile properties also aligns with the milestone of 100 million listings via mobile, as a record number of sellers choose to list their products on eBay through devices that didn’t exist just a few years ago.

Globally, eBay expects to transact $10 billion in mobile volume in 2012, which doubles last year’s total.  That figure is more than the annual GDP of 75 countries throughout the world .  With mobile commerce growing from a $3.4 billion market in the U.S. in 2010 to a projected $119 billion across the globe by 2015 , mobile innovation is a key force behind eBay’s strategy to make buying and selling easier and more enjoyable anytime, anywhere, and on any device.  

“We are taking a mobile first approach to the business, drawing on four years of leading mobile commerce and continually making our experience more personalized and relevant to the customer,” said Steve Yankovich, vice president, eBay Mobile. “People want to shop how they want, when they want and we succeed by making it easy for them to connect to the products and services they care about. At the same time, by making listing products intuitive and quick on mobile, we are empowering sellers to effectively compete in today’s rapidly changing world.”

eBay is committed to driving the future of shopping as mobile revolutionizes how people search, shop, and pay. From helping consumers comparison shop online and from local retailers through RedLaser, to enabling them to buy items inspired by what they are watching on television through Watch with eBay™ for iPad®, eBay’s continuous innovation is creating new experiences all in the palm of consumers’ hands.

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