Nova Award Gives eBay Developers $10,000 and 10 Hours of Mentorship

Francesca Hellebrandt, eBay News Team

The new Star Developer Award recognizes the most innovative ideas from the eBay Developers Program.

Every year, innovative developers from all across eBay’s community come together to learn how to leverage the latest technology tools in creating new eBay experiences at our annual developer conference, eBay Connect.

At this year’s eBay Connect, we unveiled a call for nominations for a new Star Award. Star Developer Awards (or Star Awards) recognize the most active and influential members of the eBay Developers Program. The new Nova award will recognize developers that are using eBay APIs to create economic opportunity for SMBs and sellers in line with eBay’s purpose—to empower people and create opportunity for all.

Starting in March 2019, three Nova awards will be given to three nominees selected by eBay staff. The winners will receive $10,000 and 10 hours of mentoring from eBay leaders, to help them transform their great ideas into small businesses.

Nova is the latest addition to eBay's Star Awards, which are given annually to celebrate early adopters, community involvement and rapid growth in eBay’s developer community. The Nova award will continue to foster healthy competition among eBay developers and instill in them a desire to pioneer new and exciting experiences on eBay.

"We want to give emerging developers a chance to turn an idea into a thriving project, which puts them on the path to launching a startup of their own," said Gail Frederick, VP, Developer Ecosystem. "With Nova, we want to unleash creativity in our global developer community and incubate new and innovative ideas into businesses."

To submit your application for eBay Connect’s 2019 Nova Award, please fill out the application here.  Nominations must include a working software product.