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Our 2020 Impact Report

Jamie Iannone, President & CEO, eBay

Hear from eBay President and CEO Jamie Iannone on our 2020 Impact Report

Editor's note: Today, we published our annual Impact Report. Read more from eBay President and CEO Jamie Iannone.

Our purpose to create economic opportunity for all drives everything we do—and our technology provides the fuel to empower everyone to participate in the digital economy. In 2020, a year that was challenging for so many, our impact-driven efforts were more important than ever—as we helped small businesses get online so they could grow, stepped forward in our climate action plans and connected as a community to support each other.  

Since 1995, we have enabled people around the world to realize  their entrepreneurial dreams. Our role as a partner to sellers helps small businesses open their doors to ecommerce and lets individuals discover the benefits of selling online—sustaining livelihoods as well as everyday needs. We understand how important it is for main streets to thrive in tandem with ecommerce, and over the past year, our tools, technology and programs have enabled stores to stay open virtually during the pandemic while helping other businesses get up and running online for the first time. And we also connect millions of buyers and sellers through sought-after items and shared passions, fostering direct consumer-to-consumer relationships in a safe, trusted environment on our marketplace.  

At a time when many of us were sheltered in our homes, our global community rallied together in mutual support. Last year, eBay for Charity broke all previous fundraising records, with customers donating across our marketplace to nonprofits at inspiring levels. Our employees also gave in record amounts of both time and money through the eBay Foundation, which helps to build economically vibrant and thriving communities—and in 2020, offered additional employee-giving matches for COVID-19 relief efforts and support for untapped communities.  

During a year which stretched the health of both the planet and its people, we leaned in even more toward climate action. We accelerated our programs targeting environmental best practices in the communities where we work and live, committing to set a Science-Based Target and increased transparency throughout all levels of our company. And we are proud that circular commerce—which is fundamental to our business—continues to help customers realize extra income while also giving items renewed life and value.   

As a company, we innovate in service of our customers. Even as we strengthen our trusted marketplace, we powered our communities throughout the pandemic with collaborative partnerships facing hurdles head-on. In the forthcoming pages, you’ll read more about our progress over the past year toward our goals—and the plans we have for the years ahead.

Jamie Iannone

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