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Our 2021 Impact Report

Jamie Iannone, President & CEO, eBay

Hear from eBay President and CEO Jamie Iannone on our 2021 Impact Report

Editor's note: Today, we published our annual Impact Report. Read more from eBay President and CEO Jamie Iannone.

We founded eBay over 25 years ago to build community and connections through ecommerce. As part of this journey, we make selling and buying equitable and attainable for all – with a goal to empower everyone everywhere to grow, thrive and succeed on our global marketplace while making meaningful choices for their purchases and businesses. 

Helping shape a more sustainable future for our global community is central to this purpose. From our very start, we’ve helped promote the idea of recommerce — the selling and buying of pre-loved goods. Now, as a pioneer of recommerce, we’re welcoming a new generation of customers to our marketplace who are equally committed to a circular economy, helping us extend the life of products and contributing to both a healthier economy and planet. And we continue to take our own steps toward climate action, with a series of even more ambitious 2025 sustainability goals and a new, dedicated Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) council that embeds sustainability and the foundations of trust and security into the fabric of our company.

We know that sustainability extends far beyond climate practices; we must also help ensure the future welfare of our employees and customers. To do so, we are deepening investment in our company culture, creating more opportunities for training, personal and professional development, and leadership skills for our employees as we demonstrate our commitment to their health and success. And we understand that sometimes, a need for support can be felt most acutely by certain members of our community in times of crisis. This is why we have broadened our commitment in these instances, reaching out to those suffering the horrors of the Ukraine war and to those in the Asian American Pacific Islander community facing violence in the U.S. 

At the same time, we have further bolstered our giving efforts, sharpening our investments through the eBay Foundation with a new strategic vision focused on addressing and removing ongoing systemic barriers to entrepreneurship. And we have continued to enable our customers to donate to the causes that matter most to them through eBay for Charity, which yet again broke all previous records of giving thanks to the incredible generosity of sellers and buyers.

I am incredibly proud of our team and of their tireless focus on customer success and innovation. Our work is a constant evolution, yet we are optimistic about what lies ahead. This is a future we can help shape as we strive to lead the way forward as partners with our global community. Together, we can affect real change.

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