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Retail Revival Spotlight: A Fresh Take on Traditional Greetings

Lauren Mobertz, eBay News Team

Five Blessings is bringing back the art of the handwritten note.

Longevity, health, wealth, love and peace: these are the five blessings visual artist Danielle Capotosto hopes to bring you through her handmade greeting cards and stationery. An artist from an early age, the Akron, Ohio native created Five Blessings to reclaim the humanity of the handwritten note.

Today, Danielle’s independent design studio offers everything from slightly irreverent greeting cards to succulent-themed stationery and wall prints. Her best-selling card, which reads “Maybe swearing will help,” provides a cheeky alternative to traditional greeting cards and a spot-on, cathartic release that just can’t be filled by modern communications methods like text messaging and email.


“I just love the personalization that writing a card can offer people in this digital age,” Danielle said. “I’m trying to revive the art of sending a note. 

More than cheeky, Five Blessings’ products are professional-grade – and 100% original. Danielle begins every design with a hand drawing, then colors and refines using computer software. She prints and cuts in her own studio for a top-quality product that is truly handmade.

Running her own business has afforded Danielle not only a creative outlet, but also a means to support her family, on her own terms. “It certainly is not an easy job, but there's a lot of freedom in it, too. I can be present for my life, but also still run a business,” she said. “I want to show my son that you can do this kind of thing. I want to show him that with hard work and determination, this is possible.” 

Send your loved ones some handwritten cheer by shopping Five Blessings on eBay.

Five Blessings is a participant in Retail Revival, a partnership between eBay and select cities in the U.S. and U.K. to support small business owners who want to introduce their products to the global marketplace.