Search Madness 2016: Final Four

eBay DataLabs

With only four teams remaining - will eBay search results predict more March Madness Upsets? Check out our live bracket to what NCAA teams are generating the most interest on eBay.

Leading in the NCAA Tournament, we took a look at which collegiate athletic program generated the most search results over the course of the entire NCAA basketball season.  The Oregon Ducks took home top honors in our bracket, and then on Selection Sunday they were awarded with a #1 seed.

Now that the field of 64 teams is set, we've reseeded the bracket to reflect the accurate matchups and we're turning back to eBay search data to tell us who is generating more interest on the site.  The matchups will be reseeded each round based on who wins on the court, and we'll continue to evaluate the head to head search power from each fanbase.  So each round, keep checking back in with eBay DataLabs, and let's find out if search interest correlates to on-court success!

*Updated through 3/29


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