Shop and Sell with Trust, Safety, and Confidence: eBay Announces Updates to Buyer Protection Programs

eBay News Team

eBay Motors and Business & Industrial double the coverage claim value, extending our coverage protection up to $100,000 on eligible transactions.

Buyer protection is vital to the eBay community. With 164M active worldwide buyers, we are continually enhancing our buying and selling experiences, with our investments in trust and consumer confidence at the forefront of our marketplace. Underscoring this effort, eBay Motors and our Business & Industrial vertical are making an update to extend our coverage protection up to $100,000 in value on our Vehicle Purchase Protection (VPP) and Business Equipment Purchase Protection (BEPP) programs [1].

“At eBay, nothing is more important than trust. Without it, our global marketplace couldn’t function,” said Tony Hoang, Head of Vehicles, eBay Motors. “For our shoppers who are purchasing vehicles or business equipment, we’re extending our buyer protection programs to help put our buyers at ease when shopping on eBay. Whether consumers are browsing or ready to make a critical purchasing decision, the scope of these protection programs is unique in the automotive ecommerce industry, empowering our sellers’ and dealers’ growth by offering a worry-free, secure shopping experience.”

This extension in coverage value further reflects the continued commitment to making eBay the most trusted marketplace for new and used inventory. The updated VPP program is also complemented by the eBay Motors partnerships with WeGoLook for third party on-site inspections and warranties for automotive parts & accessories provided by Assurant.

For Business & Industrial, when it comes to the major capital equipment purchases our buyers need to run their business, consumers can rest assured knowing their purchase is protected by the expanded BEPP program. Examples of items covered under eBay's BEPP program include: Concession Trailers and Carts in eBay’s Restaurant and Catering category, Imaging and Aesthetics equipment in eBay’s healthcare, Lab and Life Science category; and more. For Business sellers, this is another testament to eBay’s continued investment in sharing marketplace programs that will bring more buyers to their door.

Specifically, the expanded protection programs consist of the following:

  • eBay Motors’ VPP covers up to $100,000 for eligible purchases on eBay Motors for vehicle non-delivery, missing title, or major undisclosed defects. Buyers are automatically enrolled in the program at no charge. Learn more about what’s covered and eligibility here.
  • BEPP covers a buyer’s eligible purchase for up to $100,000 on eBay capital equipment in case of deliberate fraud or misrepresentation by the seller, including non-delivery, receiving an item that has undisclosed damage, the item was described as being less than 10 years old, or receiving an item that differs in type, make, or model from what was described in the listing. Learn more about what’s covered and eligibility here.

eBay by the Numbers

  • eBay, Inc. has 164 million active buyers
  • Most items are backed by eBay Money Back Guarantee
  • 80% of merchandise sold on eBay is new
  • 1 billion listings at any given time

[1] Both VPP and BEPP cover eligible purchases in the U.S.  VPP and BEPP protection updates are effective for all items purchased on and after September 1, 2016.  Items purchased prior to that date would be covered up to $50,000.