Rebrands to eBay Commerce Network

eBay Inc. Staff

shopping-com-gautam_inc2 is now the eBay Commerce Network!

Commerce today is multi-channel and multi-screen, as consumers embrace technology and expect anytime, anywhere access to inventory – whether online or in-store. In turn, retailers have had to adapt to this ever-changing landscape in order to remain competitive – connecting with consumers at various stages of their shopping experience (from first awareness to completing their purchase) has gone from being optional to a requirement.

With this in mind, today announced its rebrand as the eBay Commerce Network. An eBay company for the past eight years, has evolved from a single destination comparison shopping site into a robust commerce network—the only one that connects merchants with buyers on the eBay platform and across the Web through a single campaign.

The website, along with and, will continue to operate, and these sites will remain as publishers within the eBay Commerce Network.

 The move follows a reorganization in January, when the North American eBay Advertising team and the product lines were combined into one eBay Advertising team under Gautam Thakar, VP, GM (at left), allowing advertising teams across the globe to benefit from dedicated technology and increased investments.

“It means that we can help brands reach consumers at any stage of their shopping experience, from awareness to purchase through search engines, content sites, marketplaces, you name it,” Gautam said of’s rebranding.

“We now offer an improved and more efficient advertising platform connecting consumers to the world’s merchants. And we offer merchants a product listing advertising model that connects them with a network of leading publishers.”

What does this mean for eBay Advertising?

The North American eBay Advertising team now has two products – the on-eBay display advertising business and eBay Commerce Network, the off-eBay product listings advertising business that drives leads to retailers from a network of publishers. While eBay Advertising’s efforts were housed under different labels in the past, the creation of the eBay Commerce Network makes it clear to all advertising partners that they are working with eBay Inc. on a global connected commerce basis.

The launch of the new brand does not affect the internal organizational structure of Advertising in eBay. The eBay Commerce Network teams will continue to report to Gautam, while the European eBay Advertising organization under Philip Rinn will continue to own on-eBay display advertising in Europe and report to Alex Von Schirmeister, VP, Marketing, Marketplaces Europe.

The eBay Commerce Network operates in Australia, France, Germany, U.K. and the U.S. It reaches more than 250 million consumers and gives access to exclusive advertising placements on eBay.