StubHub Mobile Launches Pricing Alerts

eBay Inc. Staff

So you download the StubHub app onto your iPhone or Android. You check out Upcoming Events in your area and start to get really excited because you see that Fitz and the Trantrums are coming to a concert hall right down the block from you. Sick! But your excitement suddenly starts to diminish. You really want to see them but the prices are a little steep right now. You just spent a weekend in Vegas, stuff got weird and you lost a ton of your money. If the price went down just a little bit, you could talk yourself into it.

Have no fear. StubHub mobile has introduced a new pricing alert technology to help you find available tickets, no matter your budget. Users with the StubHub app can now simply choose an event, press the price alert button and set the highest price he or she is willing to pay for that ticket. Once a seller matches that price, the user will instantly get a notification to his or her cell phone.

“This is a really exciting technology for StubHub mobile because it’s really our first entry into notification technology. It opens up a whole new world of opportunities,” said Parag Vaish, Head of Mobile for StubHub. “For example, in the future maybe we see that a user has bought tickets to a Rolling Stones concert in the past. Then, if we see that the band is coming to their area, we can now send them a notification letting them know the Stones are town. That’s a big step forward for helping our users discover events.”

Launched a little over a month ago, the new feature has yielded great results and is intended to drive more traffic to events via mobile and ultimately facilitate the discovery of new events in the users’ local area.