StubHub Music App Helps You Discover Concerts and More

eBay Inc. Staff


StubHub has significantly scaled up its music and entertainment services with the national launch of StubHub Music, an iPhone app that takes local live music discovery to a new level.

StubHub Music helps music fans discover when their favorite artists are in town by syncing with users’ music libraries to make local live event recommendations from an extensive live event catalog – one of the most robust and comprehensive in the industry, with more than 10,000 listings for live events on any given day.

Fans can learn of new events as they are offered in their city, learn more about the venue and buy tickets all through the app itself.

“StubHub Music is a really simple, personalized way to discover local live music and is a great resource for traveling fans,” said Ray Elias, General Manager of  Social Commerce. “We will continue to expand our music content and social features with emphasis on being an app that's fun to browse often."

“We are also focused on providing the best end-to-end concert buying experience for fans so we link to all box offices for events in addition to tickets on StubHub,” Elias said.

Here’s what the media -- TechCrunch and other outlets – are saying. Most note the app competes directly with concert and music discovery apps from Live Nation and WillCall.

StubHub has recently been expanding its music offerings, looking at ways to provide fans with a more end-to-end live entertainment experience that takes them from discovery to actually purchasing tickets, with social sharing options to better plan and organize events with friends.

For example, StubHub Music can scan users’ music libraries to continuously offer a list of upcoming local events featuring their favorite artists and recommended artists based on musical taste as they come to town. Event information, including ticketing details and purchase options can then be shared with friends and connections and the experience can continue to be shared through the app even after the event.

“The app is particularly convenient for discovering what sort of entertainment is around you while traveling,” noted TechCrunch.

Future updates to the app will seek to include further integration of additional music libraries and streaming services to offer the most extensive discovery and recommendation service.

For more on the StubHub Music app, visit the iTunes App Store.