StubHub's Philadelphia 76ers Ticket Marketplace is Live

eBay News Team

It provides a new way to buy and sell tickets with the industry’s first combined primary and secondary ticketing platform.

StubHub today goes live with its new ticketing platform that combines primary and secondary tickets in a single marketplace. Launched in partnership with the Philadelphia 76ers for 2016-17 ticket sales, this new platform is an industry-first that unites a best-in-class e-commerce experience for fans with a robust box office solution for the Sixers.

Beginning today, StubHub becomes the Official Ticketing Partner of the Philadelphia 76ers, and fans who want to buy or resell Philadelphia 76ers tickets will visit, a team-branded experience powered by StubHub. The new platform is the team’s official ticket destination for fans looking to purchase individual game tickets, and provides a simple, seamless experience for Sixers ticketing needs, including tools to help fans search for and easily purchase 76ers tickets.

“Fans tell us they want the best seats for the best value in the most convenient way, and StubHub’s new ticket marketplace with the 76ers delivers a simple, single destination for buying and selling any type of team ticket,” said StubHub President Scott Cutler. “In building this platform, StubHub created a technologically advanced ticket solution for the team that offers fans the best ticket options to match how they want to see the game, as well as additional services such as parking, bundled into a single transaction.”

The new marketplace for the 76ers was developed by StubHub with a mobile-first mindset, meaning the experience is as easy and dynamic to use on a phone or tablet screen as on a larger laptop or computer. 76ers fans who purchase tickets can look forward to:  

  • Increased personalization that recommends the best ticket option based on their search criteria, purchase history and other preferences, and learns as it goes;
  • Shopping cart capabilities that allow a customer to purchase tickets from multiple sellers, as well as options to bundle other services such as parking, in one transaction;
  • Fully-branded Sixers experience on;
  • Season-ticket reselling with barcode integration that offers Sixers season ticket members a fast, simple way to list and sell tickets.

“Technology is at the center of our fans’ lives and it’s important that the Sixers organization leverages technology to better connect our fans with the team,” said Scott O’Neil, Philadelphia 76ers chief executive officer. “With StubHub powering our brand-new ticket marketplace, fans can expect a simple, single destination for all their Sixers ticketing needs, with the security and reliability they expect, and an easy buying and selling experience whether they’re on a small or large screen.”

StubHub and the 76ers worked closely on the development of which combines all single game and general public tickets in one seat map view and one listing experience.

The new model also benefits the industry and brings a new level of sophistication to ticketing with:

  • A single destination that combines available primary and secondary ticket inventory together in one seat map, without designating tickets as primary or secondary;
  • Fully-branded partner experience that features the brand front-and-center;
  • Real-time market data that will allow box offices to maximize pricing, while owning and controlling all buyer data;
  • Integration capabilities that enable multi-channel primary and secondary distribution, as well as primary ticketing providers to build into the new platform, giving box offices complete choice for both back office tools and distribution.

The platform also integrates with Spectra Ticketing and Fan Engagement, which will continue to provide the 76ers the box office tools, season ticket member sales, account management and access control that will allow the team to manage its primary ticketing business and connect with its fans as it always has, while taking advantage of the capabilities the new platform has to offer. 

“This is an exciting step forward for the 76ers and we applaud their innovative collaboration with StubHub to bring fans this user-friendly experience,” said Dave Butler, CEO of Spectra Ticketing & Fan Engagement. “We are thrilled to power the back office ticketing solution for the 76ers to provide industry-leading account management, access management and season ticket member services to help complement the 76ers and StubHub fan experience.”

StubHub and the Philadelphia 76ers have been partners since 2012, and in February, announced the ticketing platform partnership, in conjunction with Spectra. In May, the long-standing partners elevated their relationship, naming StubHub as the Sixers’ jersey sponsor, marking the NBA’s first official team jersey patch sponsorship announcement in the league’s history.