Terrafemina and eBay Partner to Explore Women’s Online and Mobile Shopping Patterns in France

eBay Inc. Staff

eBay and Terrafemina, a French blog, present the results of research on women and ecommerce.

eBay and Terrafemina, a French blog, present the results of research on women and ecommerce.

How do young women engage with online shopping experiences? In July, eBay and Terrafemina, a French news and networking website for women, held a conference in Paris to address this question.

The eBay-Terrafemina Observatory is a collaborative initiative that explores how women today are shopping, sharing and researching their purchases online. This event followed up on a similar event in March, which reported on social shopping experiences by women who don’t work outside the home.

The new study polled 510 women between the ages of 25 and 35. Among the 25- to 35-year-olds, 95 percent reported that they typically share their fashion purchases online. Seventeen percent regularly use their smartphones to buy items, and 47 percent rely on their professional computers for shopping – reflecting a softer boundary between work and personal life.

The results were discussed during a lively roundtable session. Véronique Morali, the president and founder of Terrafemina, moderated the discussion with three ecommerce professionals:

  • Sarah Allart, co-founder of Tribway.com, an innovative social shopping platform
  • Antonin Chartier, co-founder of Jimmy Fairly, a trendy ecommerce website dedicated to eyewear with a “buy one, give one” concept
  • Céline Orjubin, associate director of My Little Paris and My Little Box, leading fashion, beauty and lifestyle websites

“I’m happy I had the opportunity to attend this very inspiring event,” said Pauline Delhostal, an eBay seller communications intern. “Not only were the survey results very interesting and useful, but the speakers were also great examples of what entrepreneurship means today.”

“Each one brought an interesting perspective on the study’s results both by their professional and personal experience,” added Karine Froger, PayPal Public Relations Manager, Western Europe. “It was clear that young women have a key role in pioneering new uses of ecommerce.”

The event was announced and live-tweeted by eBay en France, using the hashtag #ebayterrafemina.